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His Majesty the Emperor umbrella Kotobuki memory temporary exhibition "trip to 14 countries ... new impression and encounter ~ European and American in His Majesty the Emperor 1953"

Date From Saturday, October 18, 2014 to December 23 Tuesday (holiday)
The first half year: From Saturday, October 18 to Sunday, November 16
The latter period: From Saturday, November 22 to December 23 Tuesday (holiday)

<opening time>
・From Saturday, October 18 to Thursday, October 30
From 9:00 to 16:15 (as for the admission until 16:00)
・From Saturday, November 1 to Sunday, December 21
Until from 9:00 to 15:45 (as for the admission until 15:30)

<the temporary opening>
・Friday, December 5
※As "fall Imperial Palace Inui street general release" that memorialized umbrella Kotobuki of His Majesty the Emperor is started on Wednesday, December 3 until Sunday, December 7, we open temporarily in Museum of the Imperial Collections.
・December 23 (fire, the Emperor's Birthday)
From 9:30 to 15:50 (the pivot identifies admission method for general congratulatory visit in following HP on ※ Emperor's Birthday)
Closed days Every week month, Friday, display spare no period [from Monday, November 17 to 21st Friday]
But it is closed on the opening, Tuesday of the next day on Monday (holiday) and November 24 Monday (holiday) on November 3
Place Imperial Household Agency Museum of the Imperial Collections
Access "Otemachi Station" c13a exit, approximately 5 minutes on foot
Rate Free of charge
Sponsorship Imperial Household Agency
Reference TEL: 03-5208-1063 (telephone service)

Event contents

It was attended the coronation of Her Majesty British Queen Elizabeth II performed in June, 1953 as name charges of the Emperor Showa, and His Majesty the Emperor visited Western countries at the opportunity. As for His Majesty, we included initiation, etiquette of official investiture of the Crown Prince at 18 years old on November 10 of the last year. And, as for this trip, it was at big opportunity when the information was spread about circumstances of foreign countries while it was the first overseas visit, and important mission of name charges was achieved for 19-year-old His Majesty at the time of departure.
Japan was left on March 30, and, as for the trip to assume Canada the first visit country via the United States, as for in 14 countries and returning home before Western European countries such as France being gone round, and coming back to the United States again, it was on October 12 after having stayed in the U.K. too much in January. Although peace treaty took effect in the last year and had begun to finally move forward as independent country, scar of the Great War was still deep, and there was thing which was severe in nation feelings of foreign countries for our country, but it was made for relations improvement with each country by this trip, and friendship was promoted. In addition, as for life, culture unlike Japan, having been touched naturally, judgment about the international situation was raised, and it was sunlight that His Majesty was young valuable experience when thought about country and the social way was deepened.
This exhibition looks back toward this trip to have big significance in footprint of 80 along schedule on turning point of His Majesty the Emperor umbrella Kotobuki. With people including His Majesty and the Royal Family who continue until today while mentioning the situation of foreign countries over visit at the time meet, and, in European and American daily life and nature which were noticed various visits, His Majesty whom the information was spread, His Majesty introduces in feeling announced at time by or photograph which took the news and photograph at the time, commemorative articles.
Not only this trip was valuable experience for His Majesty you, but also would appreciate your understanding how you contributed to international goodwill of today's our country.

[main display contents]
They add documents such as newspaper articles mainly on photograph and introduce state of His Majesty in trip of 1953 while pursuing schedule, and, as for the display, articles in interchange before continuing up to the present day introduce.
In addition, along itinerary of trip, photograph by shooting of His Majesty you and photograph by follower introduce other than photograph conveying state of the coronation by the news companies at the time and trip this time, too.

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