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The second Kanda pictorial "Jinden-cho walk" (Kanda design sponsorship)

Date Saturday, November 8 10:00 ...
Course Departure from JR Ochanomizu Station ⇒ Hijiribashi ⇒ Yushima temple of Confucius ⇒ Kanda Myojin ⇒ Sotokanda, Akihabara ⇒ JR Akihabara Station goal, dissolution
Entrance fee 1,500 yen (more than junior high student)
Capacity Ten (application email first-come-first-served basis)
Sponsorship Monthly local information paper "Kanda pictorial" (Kanda design)
Application kandadesign@nishihei .com
Reference Kanda design
kandadesign@nishihei .com
Guide Vertical mountain Nishihira

Main event contents



The second of expectation! We hold Kanda pictorial "Jinden-cho walk"

We start from JR Ochanomizu Station that is goal point of the first "Jinden-cho walk" that we carried out on Saturday, September 6 and take a walk through Yushima temple of Confucius, Kanda Myojin slowly across the Kanda River in Hijiribashi. Town walk for from 90 minutes to 120 minutes when we leave from Kanda Myojin of Hongo plateau, Yushima stand for east side low land and Sotokanda, the Akihabara area where it is, and point of Akiba rotates. Goal is JR Akihabara Station plan.

State of past town walk tour by Tateyama

State of the first Kanda pictorial "Jinden-cho walk"

Guide profile

Tateyama Nishihira (vertical Yamanishi has) he
The Kanda design sponsorship. In local action (detective Kanda corps web, Jinden-cho walk, etc.) in Kanda, we give name "Nishihira" of market teahouse of grandfather of the multi-town bluish-skinned fish market era. We design "Kanda Festival formula guidebook" (2007, 2009, 2011) and produce. We issue information magazine "monthly publication Kanda pictorial" local than December, 2007. Book has "Edo downtown area Jinden-cho walk" (2010, 2011).

Application method
Please apply by email.
[application] kandadesign@nishihei .com
※We will tell about meeting places later.