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Direct marketing market ... (hotel Grand Palace sponsorship) of the eleventh hote city ... hotel Grand Palace

Date Thursday, October 9, 2014 from 11:30 to 19:00
Place Hotel Grand Palace (1-1-1, Iidabashi)
The B1F event room "four seasons"
Access Subway "Kudanshita Station"
Tozai Line Exit 7 (Fujimi Exit), a 1-minute walk
Hanzomon Line, Shinjuku Line 3a turn mouth, a 3-minute walk
It is a 7-minute walk JR, subway "Iidabashi Station"
(Sobu Line, Yurakucho Line, Namboku Line, Toei Oedo Line)
Admission Free of charge
Sponsorship Hotel Grand Palace
Reference Hotel Grand Palace banquet reservation section
TEL: 03-3264-1166 (directly) ※Reception hours from 9:00 to 20:00

Event contents

Hokkaido Marchais

Direct marketing market of hotel Grand Palace to send local good thing, delicacy to at price just right for local all of you, "hote City." Titled "Hokkaido Marchais," we send charm of treasure house, Hokkaido of dainty food this time. At eat-in corner of favorable reception, "mini-bowl of even scallop" which can enjoy seafood brought up in the sea of "Sapporo miso ramen" proud of the popularity of the national constituency as local gourmet and intense cold prepares for "beef stew of Hokkaido product cow" which is distinguished for affinity with wine every time. Furthermore, at Marchais corner, direct marketing things such as vegetables or fruit and excellent articles for sale assemble in full force from the whole country! We send gem of producer pride.

Eat-in corner ※Stated value includes all consumption tax, and photograph is image.

[FOOD] Local gourmet 11:30 - 14:00/17:30 - 19:00 of Hokkaido

■Sapporo miso ramen one portion 500 yen

Miso ramen which is famous by having been born in Sapporo. We put butter on curl noodles and plentiful ingredients materials for preference and prepare. Please enjoy heavy taste told to match chilly climate of Hokkaido well.

■Mini-bowl one portion 500 yen of even scallop
It is one article that can taste taste and sweetness that scallop has if it is how much from Hokkaido casually. Acrid-smelling sharp taste enhances taste still more if we hang soy seasoned with grated wasabi.

■Beef stew (with bread) one portion 1,000 yen of cow from Hokkaido

You can eat domestic beef from Hokkaido which grew in rich nature and clear air with hotel made beef stew. Full-bodied deep taste is distinguished for affinity with Yoichi wine.

■Chilled soup one cup 300 yen of corn from Hokkaido
■Ice cream (vanilla lavender) one of the milk 300 yen from Hokkaido

[DRINK] From 11:30 to 19:00

◇Yoichi wine one cup 500 yen

Discerning ground wine which performs all from cultivation of high quality grape to the training in Yoichi. We prepared for two representative brands.
■[barrel carefully ZWEI gel tray be (red)]
Wine of full body which let you mature with old barrel to make use of grape original fragrance in for long term. You can enjoy solid feeling and gorgeous lingering sound.
■[Kellner surreal Lee (white)]
We spend time and precipitate draff naturally and adopt the manufacturing method to take only supernatant liquid. It is dry wine of rich compact taste.
In addition, Hokkaido-limited draft beer (one can 500 yen) comes up, too!

◇Soft drink
■[forest of apple] One cup of 300 yen
Juice which just squeezed only apple which selected carefully from Sunagawa. You can enjoy apple original flavor and taste.
■[fully-ripened tomato juice "solar drop"] One cup of 400 yen
We use organically-grown full ripeness Momotaro tomato. It is discerning tomato deuce that additive-free 100%, salt and sugar do not increase at all.
■[Furano carrot 100] One cup of 300 yen
Drink including nourishment which is abundant using carrot having just finished being produced. There is not acrid taste peculiar to carrot, and the feature is that it is easy to drink.

<list of the eleventh hote city branch group & branch products>
Hokkaido satelite shop "Hokkaido together with circle" (1F special sale space)
■Vegetables (potato, onion, pumpkin), confectionery (Mikata six, windbreak forest, corn chocolate, potato kolo kolo et al.),
Retort soup curry, ramen, marine products artefact, lavender miscellaneous goods and others
The first 100 people-limited: We present keratin clear gel specially made by Hokkaido entirely when we have you buy more than 1,000 yen.

Chiyoda blue sky city joint branch
Earth work room (Tokyo) Takayama (Ibaraki)
■Vegetables, fruit from Kumamoto, Miyako revival curry and others ■Corn of Hokkaido
There is Chiyoda; Chiba (Tokyo) Tokyo sesame industry (Tokyo)
■Grape of Obuse, Nagano
■Unshelled almond, soy sauce strong for three years, natto and others
nagomima senka (Kanagawa) Easy roasted meat (Hyogo)
■Local vegetables, brown alga, dry seaweed and others ■All-around salt and pepper, all-around sauce, soup and others
※Branch group, exhibition contents may be changed by circumstances.

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