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November Kabuki performance "presentation of a whole play agila wood predecessors in the family line bush clover" (art culture promotion society sponsorship in Japan)

Date From Sunday, November 2, 2014 to 25th Tuesday
The 12:00 start (16:30 curtain plan)
But, on Thursday, on Friday, it is chartered for 16:00 start (20:30 curtain plan), seven days for .20 days on Monday for ten days
Place National theater (4-1, Hayabusacho)
Access Hanzomon Line "Hanzomon Station" Exit 1, a 5-minute walk
Yurakucho Line, Hanzomon Line, Namboku Line "Nagatacho Station" Exit 4, an 8-minute walk
Rate In special seat 12,300 yen /1, in A seat 9,500 yen /1, it is B seat 6,300 yen
In /2, in A seat 4,600 yen /2, in B seat 2,600 yen /3, it is seat 1,500 yen
※There is person with a disability discount, student discount
Sponsorship Incorporated administrative agency Japan art culture promotion society
Reference National theater ticket center (from 10:00 to 18:00)
TEL: 0570-07-9900
[some IP telephone] 03-3230-3000

Event contents

The 2014 (the 69th) Agency for Cultural Affairs art festival support
Four presentation of a whole play agila wood predecessors in the family line bush clovers (meibokusendaihagi) six ground

The first act
Place of irrigation water bridge
Two eyes Place between the Ashikagas bamboo
Three eyes Place of Ieoku, Ashikaga
do    Place under floor
Final scene
Place of question note place confrontation
Place of crew room blade wound

Tojuro Sakata / Ganjaku Nakamura / Senjaku Nakamura / Hashinosuke Nakamura / Takataro Kataoka / Matsue Nakamura / Kikaku Nakamura / sakahigashishinsatori /
It is finally Juro / Tozo Nakamura / Kunio Nakamura / Toranosuke Nakamura / Ichimura Taro Tachibana / Kamezo Kataoka / Ichizo Kataoka / Shucho Bando / Bando
Baigyoku Nakamura others

[program introduction]
House disturbance "Date disturbance" of the Sendai Dates happened in the Kanbun year (1661-73) enlivened the world and, commencing with Kabuki and puppet ballad drama, was taken up in subjects of various genres such as storytelling, novel, movie. Masterpiece in work group "Date uproar animal" is "agila wood predecessors in the family line bush clover". 

We stage as presentation of a whole play for the first time this time in our theater. Intense struggle for power developed over inheritor of large prestigious family is grand, and it is thrilling, and it unfolds while highlights like Kabuki continue.  

As for "the predecessors in the family line bush clover of current Kabuki," "predecessors in the family line bush clover" is work of the same world; "auction for show flatters, and gain the favor with of country theater", and set the stage in the Muromachi era. 

In "flower Mizuhashi," feudal lord, Yorikane Ashikaga of Oshu 54 county absorbed in the dissipation is attacked for return of enclosure by bad people, but kicks about with silk Kawatani storehouse of sumo wrestler. 

Presentation first between "bamboo" in our theater. Nurse Masaoka who protects young princess crane Chiyo who became inheritor after retired person of Yorikane with 1,000 pines of my child hard. The younger sister eight tide of bad retainer, Niki judicial officer plans to push her aside, but is argued down adversely in well and Matsushima of the offings in the same house.  

Cameo "palace" (depths) of solid kabuki story adopted from the script of puppet joruri. 1,000 pines which was sacrificed for back room Sakae dear and young princess poisoning plan of governor-general of the Kanto area, Sozen Yamana of eight tides. Stomach art of Masaoka who endures while doing the death under my nose and kudoki which grieves over death of my child only after we become alone are the big highlight.

In "floor bottom," retreat of elevated passageway leading to the stage of Niki where atmosphere that is heroic fighting scene and antiquatedness and mysteriousness of are*kodankorejo of Tadaomi drifts is the chief end. 

Katsumoto Hosokawa of governor-general of the Kanto area appears to place where rating is pushed forward in favor of bad retainers in "confrontation" breezily and overturns the verdict vividly. Niki tries for blade wound and the last resistance for "blade wound" to continue to note Court Security Office of Tadaomi out of Watanabe. 

wisteria Juro serves Masaoka of "palace" of successful part. Please enjoy art of the highest rank of maturity. In addition, it is 30 years since then in Yorikane, and plum ball plays shogen after an interval of 18 years. In addition, eight tides of *suzume, Masaoka between "bamboo" of fan sparrow, Niki of Hashinosuke, the substantial cast including Sakae dear of east storehouse was finally prepared more dankorejo, outside note of Juro, well of the offing of Kotaro. I send the stage of gem appropriate for brocade autumn.

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