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October Kabuki performance "consecutive kyogensocho々kyokurinnichiki" (art culture promotion society sponsorship in Japan)

Date From Saturday, October 4, 2014 to 27th Monday
The 12:00 start (16:30 curtain plan)
But the curtain rises at 16:00 on Friday on Friday, 24th on 17th (20:30 curtain plan)
Place National theater (4-1, Hayabusacho)
Access Hanzomon Line "Hanzomon Station" Exit 1, a 5-minute walk
Yurakucho Line, Hanzomon Line, Namboku Line "Nagatacho Station" Exit 4, an 8-minute walk
Rate In special seat 12,300 yen /1, in A seat 9,500 yen /1, it is B seat 6,300 yen
In /2, in A seat 4,600 yen /2, in B seat 2,600 yen /3, it is seat 1,500 yen
※There is person with a disability discount, student discount
Sponsorship Incorporated administrative agency Japan art culture promotion society
Reference National theater ticket center (from 10:00 to 18:00)
TEL: 0570-07-9900
[some IP telephone] 03-3230-3000

Event contents

2014 (the 69th) Agency for Cultural Affairs art festival sponsorship
Izumo, Taketa, Shoraku Miyoshi, Senryu Namiki = product
National theater literary arts workshop = prosthesis
Consecutive kyogensocho々kyokurinnichiki (futatsuchochokuruwanikki)
Four five ground
Person in charge of national theater art = art

The first act
Place of Arashimizu
Two eyes Place of Horie sumo hut
Three eyes Place of Daihojimachi rice dealer
Place of Namba play back homicide
Four eyes
Place of village skylight of Yahata

Matsumoto Koshiro / Tozo Nakamura / Shibajaku Nakamura / Komazo Ichikawa / Kingo Matsumoto / Kotaro Otani /
Hiroshi Otani pine / Sonosuke Sawamura / Matsue Nakamura / Somegoro Ichikawa / Tomoemon Otani / Kai Nakamura spring others 

[program introduction]
Kabuki performance ships interesting "socho々kyokurinnichiki" of kabuki story adopted from the script of puppet joruri in October. Masterpiece trio of Izumo, Taketa, Shoraku Miyoshi, Senryu Namiki that author brought about "Sugawara instruction calligraphy model" "Yoshitsune 1,000 cherry tree" "kana copybook Chushingura." "socho々" of title adopted glossy hair long Goro and runaway horse Chokichi, sound of "the head" in the name of two sumo wrestlers.
By constitution mainly on glossy hair, you see by consecutive presentation worth seeing this time. Glossy hair and human drama by neighboring people to conflict between justice and human empathy unfold.

Presentation after a long absence in first act "Arashimizu." Son of a wealthy man, *goro of business magnate Yamazaki-ya is harlot, Azuma and close relation. We are plunged into predicament to Azuma by wide flat Okago Court Security Office to love, but fellow worker, capital of Azuma and nan*heiei of reciprocal affection save.

In "sumo wrestling hall," glossy hair catching favor of Yamazaki-ya hands over victory to runaway horse which is going to take part in volost Court Security Office and asks for the help to *goro. It is one act where guts and guts of runaway horse of amateur sumo clash with glossy hair of excellent sumo wrestler.

Two people fight again in "rice store", but, thanks to last resort of older sister, Seki of runaway horse worrying about debauchery of younger brother, conclude pledge of brother-in-law.

However, in "the Namba back," glossy hair kills volost Court Security Office and the friend out of necessity. And we follow good luck of mother when glance is "skylight" to ask to meet. Good luck is stepmother of *heiei. Figure which glossy hair, *heiei, capital (already) which became wife of *heiei, good luck - four sympathize with each other, and is agonized uses dormer-window "skylight" of roof effectively and is described.

It is half a century since then, and Koshiro lets glossy hair of successful part go through three and plays. In addition, the pleasing stage that Somegoro serves three key posts of *heiei, *goro, runaway horse. Furthermore, we made faces full of charm even with each position. Please enjoy excellent scene appropriate for autumn of art to the full.

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