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Neo-stand village supermarket knight in Tokyo taste Festa 2014 (Tokyo International Forum sponsorship)

Date Friday, October 10, 2014 from 17:00 to 22:00
11th Saturday, 12th Sunday from 15:00 to 21:00
Place Tokyo International Forum ground open space (Marunouchi 3-5-1)
Access JR "Yurakucho Station" 1-minute walk, "Tokyo Station" 5-minute walk
(we contact Keiyo Line Tokyo Station in B1F basement concourse)
Yurakucho Line "Yurakucho Station"
(we contact in B1F basement concourse)
Hibiya Line "Ginza Station" 5-minute walk, "Hibiya Station" 5-minute walk
Chiyoda Line "Nijubashimae Station" 5-minute walk, "Hibiya Station" 7-minute walk
Marunouchi Line "Ginza Station" 5-minute walk
Ginza Line "Ginza Station" 7-minute walk, "Kyobashi Station" 7-minute walk
Toei Mita Line "Hibiya Station" 5-minute walk
Sponsorship Tokyo International Forum
Reference Representative from Tokyo International Forum
TEL: 03-5221-9000 (opening day from 9:00 to 17:00)

Event contents

Neo-stand village supermarket knight in Tokyo taste Festa 2014

"Neo-stand village supermarket knight" is beer garden to usually hold once a month from April through November in open space above the ground. It is reasonable and offers stand menu of variation that colorful kitchen cars are various and is got close. In addition to it, we increase kitchen car of menu and sake using ingredients from Tokyo and Japan wine only using grape from Japan this time and hold for three days. In urban oasis full of rich green, you can enjoy various taste.

★Branch from store "treasure" in Tokyo International Forum building

We provide local sake of Tokyo such as "**i" or "gan*seishu" and snacks with ingredients of Tokyo.
※It is "sake brewery restaurant" where warehouseman making sake brewery and collaboration of sake of nine "treasure" whole country is the nearest.

From the country, production center of 9 prefectures, we provide 24 kinds of "Japanese wine" by glass.

★Imperial Hotel
Please enjoy cooking of Imperial Hotel matching wine including "shukuruto" and "croque monsieur".

★"Neo-stand village" kitchen car
Wide menu of each country dish is developed until premium menu which can taste petit luxurious feeling by menu to be able to enjoy with one coin.

※Menus may be changed.

[allied event]
Tokyo, Tokyo taste Festa 2014 executive committee sponsorship
"Tokyo taste Festa 2014" (Taste of Tokyo)
10/10( iron) from 11:00 to 21:00, 11th Saturday, 12th Sunday from 11:00 to 17:00
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