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Kanda sports & curry expo (Kanda sports shop communication meeting sponsorship)


Date Saturday, October 4, 2014, 5th Sunday from 11:00 to 17:00
Place Former Tokyo Denki University ruins (2-2, Kandanishikicho)
Access Shinjuku Line "Ogawamachi Station," it is subway "Shin-Ochanomizu Station" Exit B7, a 4-minute walk
Subway "Jimbocho Station" Exit A9, 6-minute walk, JR "Kanda Station" 10-minute walk
Admission Free of charge
Sponsorship Kanda sports shop communication meeting
Reference MAIL: info@ksc-expo .com

Event contents

Sports & curry & art
But, expo rand full of 2 days!

Tokyo, Kanda that does well commencing with Imperial Palace orchid and winter sports in many sports shop. And it is curry restaurant which store of 300 accumulates speaking of another noted product of this town. In big venue spreading out at one corner of downtown area, Kanda, we enjoy sports experience and show by professional player and we eat surprising in earnest Indian retort curry made with retort curry which reproduced taste of well-known store of Kanda, the discerning manufacturing method and compare, and let's enjoy in "autumn of sports" and "autumn of appetite"!

■Sports experience pavilion expo land (Exciting Sports Land)

It is full of programs to watch in parent and child, and to experience, and to be able to enjoy! (all for free)
Experience-based snowboarding park for 3-6 years old. As it is one to one, we are safe even for the first time and come by snowboarding debut with instructor happily.
Acrobatic competition that let you mix snowboarding and high jump is the best part!
The snowy mountains appear in right in the middle of Tokyo! Enjoy the making of snowball fight and snowman to one's heart's content.
・In-line skate
We perform class that show and adult and child of Slalom by Inline Demo Team ASH (Ashe) can enjoy together.
・Bicycle motocross
Bicycle motocross that jump and the splendid skill attract the audience. You challenge by all means at this opportunity, too!
・Nordic events walking experience
New style of walking that high fitness effect attracts attention of easily.

※Item that we can experience varies according to days. Thank you for your understanding.

■Retort curry experience pavilion retort curry land

Of retort curry compare by eating; all the plates are 500 yen!
Do not despise even if you say retort. We should be impressed by the taste if we eat surprising real India curry made with curry which reproduced taste of well-known store of Kanda, the discerning manufacturing method! We have lineup to be able to enjoy from active families to gourmet curry enthusiast.

■Art pavilion

・"tabanisuto" where real Indian curry sale "Curry shop" by artist Sohei Iwata initiates into winding of turban workshops.

・Putter golf "machipatagorufu X TOSO" which is art of architect X artist and this town which Meiji University town planning dojo studio forms

・Mysterious art group, big installation using bamboo by skeleton encouragement of new industry + Keyakiso.

■Stage pavilion
・About talk show "affinity of sports and curry" by Professor Takashi Yao & first class food analyst Chiharu Saito, also known as 10/4 Dr.Curry

・10/4 Otsuka Foods purezentsubonkare simple arrangement recipe introduction

・10/5 charisma India dishes chef Akira Watanabe (southern spice) X artist Sohei Iwata X Tokyo spice Bancho beautifulness curl Noguchi talk




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