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Kanda, Nihonbashi wine Festival (in Kanda town nishiyono kaishusai of wine)

Date Saturday, October 24, 2015 from 13:00 to 17:00 (reception desk from 12:30 to 15:30)
Sales price Advance sale 3,000 yen, 3,500 yen (※) on that day
Wineglass, map, with stamp rally card
※Please note that today's ticket does not have of 1,200 pieces in the case of being sold out with advance ticket.
The handling We search at e+ (E plus), each participation store
Sale date: Release is more due to begin than September 1
Participation shop 39 stores (plan)
Sponsorship It is town nishiyono society of wine in Kanda

Event contents

Wine Festival for person loving Kanda and wine

Decision this year held "Kanda, Nihonbashi wine Festival!"
That "Kanda, Nihonbashi wine festival" that ended in the large prosperity enlarges both area and participation store and comes back this year last year on Saturday, October 24!
While feeling downtown area taste to one hand with wine, wonderful encounter of filler geyo Kanda and wain (wine), person and person!

<participation method>
① We purchase ticket (1,200 pieces of limitation)
②On the day of the event, we receive wineglass, map at reception desk and start!
③Please enjoy Special Menu (on cash separately) for wine (by each one cup of shop) and preference of participation shop♪

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