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Direct marketing market ... (hotel Grand Palace sponsorship) of the tenth hote city ... hotel Grand Palace

Date Thursday, August 7, 2014 from 11:30 to 19:00
Place Hotel Grand Palace (1-1-1, Iidabashi)
The B1F event room "four seasons"
Access Subway "Kudanshita Station"
Tozai Line Exit 7 (Fujimi Exit), a 1-minute walk
Hanzomon Line, Shinjuku Line 3a turn mouth, a 3-minute walk
It is a 7-minute walk JR, subway "Iidabashi Station"
(Sobu Line, Yurakucho Line, Namboku Line, Toei Oedo Line)
Admission Free of charge
Sponsorship Hotel Grand Palace
Reference Hotel Grand Palace banquet reservation section
TEL: 03-3264-1166 (directly) ※Reception hours from 9:00 to 20:00

Event contents

Okinawa Marchais & beer Festival

Direct marketing market of hotel Grand Palace to send local good thing, delicacy to at price just right for local all of you, "hote City." We have all of you favor and reach the holding tenth. Theme of the memorable tenth "Okinawa Marchais & beer Festival!" It is holding let alone eat-in corner that can enjoy local gourmet of Okinawa, Marchais corner where articles for sale such as vegetables or fruit having just finished being produced from the whole country are prepared and classic event.
Furthermore, craft beer which appeared in past hote city this time gathers from each places of the whole country! On the day holding simultaneous in the venue as for "Okinawa Beer&Spirits fair" (from 5:00 to 21:00). At Hotel Grand Palace, please spend summer happy 1st!

[FOOD] Local gourmet from 11:30 to 13:30 of Okinawa, from 17:00 to 19:00

■Deep red aguno Rafute bowl one portion 700 yen
Brand pig characterized by lipid that "deep red agu" with a little production head count is of good quality and red meat clogged up tightly.
It is luxurious one article that we put on fleshy Rafute on finish, the rice softly.
■Okinawa soba one portion 700 yen
We do not use buckwheat flour at all, and the feature of it is that we use noodles done from wheat flour.
Please enjoy stock of clear color that you took out of chewy noodles and dried bonito.
■Goya Chanpuru one portion 500 yen
"Chanpuru" with meaning "that we mixed up" in dialect of Okinawa.
It is luncheon meat or tofu and home-cooked meal of obvious Okinawa that we fried.
■Blue seal ice cream one 250 yen
・Salt chinsukou
・Okinawa field potato cheesecake
United States which became basic goods loved widely now by people of Okinawa-born blue seal ice cream.
We sell popular flavor like Okinawa on a qualified scale in hote city.

In addition, we prepare "snacks set of sea budotoyushi tofu" which is good to attendant of beer (one portion 300 yen).

[DRINK] Beer Festival from 11:30 to 19:00
In addition to Orion beer of Okinawa, national craft beer which appeared in conventional hote city gathers!
You compare by drinking discerning craft beer by all means, and please enjoy.

■Orion beer (Okinawa) one can 500 yen
・Orion Draft beer
Draft beer which was born and raised in Okinawa. You can enjoy refreshment of draft beer, beer original in migotaeoo.
・The summer first
It is summer-limited beer characterized by refreshing fragrance of aroma hop. You can taste taste of malt which you did well.
■Beer (Ishikawa) one 600 yen to be heated that Hakusan springs out
・Koshihikari yell
Craft beer which we brewed with wheat and rice brought up by underflow water of Hakusan and the water. We make from local blessing.
■Milky Way Heights beer (Iwate) one 500 yen
Constant seller of Milky Way Heights beer. You can enjoy fruity fragrance and mellow eminent drinkability.
■Hida Takayama beer (Gifu) one 800 yen
It is 100% of malt, beer of the natural water training. Aftertaste that bitterness of hop worked for in dry taste is refreshing.
■Masamune Date beer (Miyagi) one can 500 yen
We win gold medal with Japan Asia beer cup. It is matured slowly and carefully and features live sharp drinker of yeast.
■Decrease by beer (Shimane); one 600 yen
・Relationship beer stout which is constipated
It is black beer which can enjoy fragrant flavor of roast malt and mild taste.
■Fujizakura Heights beer (Yamanashi) one 600 yen
It is rare smoking beer in Japan winning gold medal in beer Award of all parts of the world. When you dry malt, you do smoke and can enjoy unique taste and fragrance.
■hideji beer (Miyazaki) one 600 yen
・Solar rugger
Golden premium beer reflecting the image of the sun of dazzling Miyazaki. Due to self cultivated yeast is sharp; go berserk, and feature to refreshment.

<simultaneous holding> Event information
During period except Saturday and Sunday of from Tuesday, July 22, 2014 to Friday, August 8, "Okinawa Beer&Spirits fair is held, too"! It is advantageous all-you-can-drink (\ 2,500/2 time system) that entered to Suntory premium Malt's and highball, Orion beer and Awamori and event-limited with one article of hotel made snack in 300 yen ... summer to be able to enjoy! ※We hold as usual on the day of hote city. (from 17:00 to 21:00)

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