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Tokyo "chipped ice" walk. (Tokyo station city management meeting sponsorship)

Date From Friday, August 1, 2014 to 31st Sunday
Place Tokyo Station, Marunouchi, Yaesu, Ginza, 23 Nihonbashi area stores in total
Access "Tokyo Station"
Sponsorship Tokyo station city management meeting
Reference Each store

Event contents

"Chipped ice" rotates at Tokyo Station and neighboring area 23 stores

◇Tokyo "chipped ice" walk.
From 23 stores of Tokyo Station and neighboring areas, various chipped ice comes up. You can enjoy chipped ice which is full of variety including chipped ice and chipped ice using discerning ice which we used seasonal fruit for abundantly while taking a walk.

◇Souvenir (can badge)
During period, we present original can badge to customer first arrival 10,000 people who had you have chipped ice at campaign participation store (finished as soon as we disappear). Can badge is all 23 kinds. We assume chipped ice of each participation store motif.

◇Closed place of Tokyo Station Yaesu Exit "Grand roof"
On 2F deck of Tokyo Station Yaesu Exit "Grand roof", we display 400 wind-bells in total during period (100 wind-bells which we collected from the whole country and 300 Edo wind-bells). In addition, we establish bench under the wind-bell and create space that can take a break for cool feeling. << business hours from 7:00 to 23:00≫


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