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... (the Awaji area management, the wazappu cosponsorship) to regard crest ... "beauty of prevention against evil" and "design" as wazappu noren

Date Friday, July 4, 2014 from 18:30 to 21:00 (we close during reception desk start 18:00 20:00)
Place waterasukomonhoru (2-101, Kandaawajicho)
Access Chiyoda Line "Shin-Ochanomizu Station" approximately 2 minutes on foot
JR "Ochanomizu Station" approximately 3 minutes on foot
Marunouchi Line "Awajicho Station" approximately 2 minutes on foot
Shinjuku Line "Ogawamachi Station" approximately 2 minutes on foot
Capacity 30 people
Entrance fee General 1,000 yen, student 500 yen (getting close fee distinction)
The cosponsorship General Awaji area management, wazappu (administration: among irregularity)
Application method Contact information: .com
Please send following four points by email.
Title would like "wazappu 2014vol.1 application".
①Full name
②Phone number
③E-Mail address
④The number of the seats desired
We close as soon as it becomes capacity.
We accept and will tell about news of completion over e-mail or telephone.

Event contents

How to convey of "Japan" thinking together

Group "wazappu" which chumurakon* and others of modern version dyer launched in Rowland Kirishima of photographer, kin*chudai of creative director, company of hometown, Kanda. The general Awaji area management works together with this "wazappu" and carries out event to dig into Japanese culture from various angles!
This theme is "noren and family coat of arms" which are Japan's original culture.

①Commentary of slide show and noren of Mr. photographer, Kiyoshi Takai with taking picture of national old folk house and noren as lifework.
②Commentary of history and how to describe family coats of arms by monshojo*shisandaimoku, hakojoshoryusakisei.
③Experience-based workshop of play "conventionality" of Edo that Mr. Hatoba reproduced.
④Discussion meeting that we contain wazappu member.
※For more details, please see flyer.

Kiyoshi Takai (photographer)
hakojoshoryu (monshojo*shikyogensandaimoku)

kineichudai (creative director)
Rowland Kirishima (photographer)
chumurakon* (modern version dyer)