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Koji Inoue exhibition "father" (JCII photo salon sponsorship)

Date From Tuesday, June 3, 2014 to 29th Sunday
From 10:00 to 17:00
Closed days Every Monday (but, in the case of holiday, we are opened)
Place JCII photo salon (the first floor of 25, Ichibancho JCII building)
Access Hanzomon Line "Hanzomon Station" Exit 4, a 1-minute walk
Yurakucho Line "Kojimachi Station" Exit 3, an 8-minute walk
Admission charges Free of charge
Sponsorship JCII photo salon
Reference JCII photo salon
TEL: 03-3261-0300

Event contents

―Scene of Showa―

The "swing" Fukuoka 1950s
For "Father's Day of June," you see Inoue work which captured scene of Showa where father is. Father who lets we carry child on our back to wide back or child play on bicycle in park and the sea. Father who lets you share fishing with child and let you help with care of cow and participate on May Day. Figure of fathers of Showa that foot reached the ground which loves family, and works hard at work is arrested for warm eyes of Inoue.

Inoue was amateur photographer of Fukuoka where we won fame in moon example and yearbook of camera magazine, various contests including international photograph salon. In later years, "town of memory" which stared at personal life daily life soft series was accepted, and a large number of exhibitions were held in the inside and outside. It was communication means for hearing ability and Inoue at a loss for words in accident of the time when it was young to see, to show. As for the photograph which is self-expression, the personality is remembered with style warm brightly.
By book exhibition, we display original print of the first public exhibition mainly on new print of shooting work in the 30, Showa generation. In addition, newly written essay of son records "in father, Koji Inoue" in pictorial record. Through Inoue work, it is display to send Yale to all fathers.

Koji Inoue (we are and grow on 1919-1993)
On March 20, 1919, we are born in Fukuoka-shi silverleaf manufacturer town (existing Tennyamachi, Hakata-ku).
We are at a loss for words with hearing ability in stairs accident in 1922.
We begin to take photograph these days in 1935.
Fukuoka deaf school medium grade part graduation Fukuoka Prefectural for 1,938 years. Camera is given graduation gift by father and starts shooting in earnest. After that we are selected for various contests.
We work in U.S. base camping Hakata PX photograph department in 1950.
At 1955 Kasuga-shi Kasugabaru station square Tenjin mall Inoue camera opening business (... 1984).
We found Chikushi photograph club in 1957 and preside (... 1979).
Federation of all-Japan deafness and dumbness photograph is founded in 1973 and takes office as the first chairperson.
"Town of memory" series is adopted for Iwataya Department Store department store (Fukuoka-shi) campaign advertisement in 1989 and becomes topic.
We exhibit "town of memory" at group exhibition for France Paris photograph month in 1990.
On May 3, 1993, we became France Arles international photograph Festival invitation writer, but die of lung cancer just before visit (age at death 74 years old). Arles honorary citizen medal receipt of a decoration.

A lot of exhibitions are held at home and abroad. In collection of photographs of "memory under town" (river appearance Publishing new company 1989), "town (river appearance Publishing new company 2001) when there was child", "sky of Okinawa in - 1959 in those days." (Okinawa Times company 1991) wears Hisako Kuroiwa in critical biography, and there is manager Brigitte Lemaine (Buddha) "photographer, Koji Inoue of representation" (long piece, color, 65 minutes 1999) to agree (short story, monochrome, 19 minutes 1996) for "life of genius photographer Koji Inoue of memory - deafness and dumbness without sound" (Bungeishunju Ltd. 1999), documentary film.

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