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Modern Kyoto ceramic ware - Arisugawa royal house transmission named ka*, gem (Imperial Household Agency Museum of the Imperial Collections sponsorship) of Denshichi Kanzan

Date March 21, 2014 Friday (holiday) - Sunday, June 22
The first half year: March 21 Friday (holiday) - May 6 (fire, shinkyu)
The latter period: From Saturday, May 10 to Sunday, June 22

<opening time>
・Until Sunday, April 13
From 9:00 to 16:15 (as for the admission until 16:00)
・From Tuesday, April 15 to the session end
From 9:00 to 16:45 (as for the admission until 16:30)
Closed days Every week month, Friday, display spare no period
But it is opened on Monday (holiday) on May 5
Place Imperial Household Agency Museum of the Imperial Collections
Access "Otemachi Station" c13a exit, approximately 5 minutes on foot
Rate Free of charge
Sponsorship Imperial Household Agency Museum of the Imperial Collections
Reference TEL: 03-5208-1063 (telephone service)

Event contents

Modern Kyoto ceramic ware - Arisugawa royal house transmission named ka*, gem of Denshichi Kanzan

Kyoto ceramic ware was known as ceramic ware which symbolized culture from containers of gorgeous picture in the early modern times when the capital was elegant. After higashikyo*to tento after the Meiji Restoration, it produces many master craftsmen and cannot miss existence of Kyoto ceramic ware for history of modern ceramics. It is Denshichi Kanzan that prominent existence includes in that in ceramics world of Kyoto where is in the first half of the Meiji era.

Denshichi Kanzan (1821-90) was born in house of ceramist of Seto and, after lake east firing that was feudal clan kiln of Hikone feudal clan, moved to Kyoto by the late Tokugawa period. After the revolution, we assumed porcelain primary occupation earliest in Kyoto and took in Western color positively and we held large-scale factory and recorded new idea on classic Kyoto ceramic ware. And picture porcelain of trunk mountain caused reputation soon and received purchase from the Imperial Household Ministry, and even overseas exhibition got high evaluation.

In art industrial art object of old Takamatsu royal house where this hotel caught testation in 2005, porcelain Japanese dishes complete set made by this trunk mountain is included. As for the breakdown, bowl, sake bottle sake bottle, soup bowl, sencha bowl, ceramic ware plate, candy dish amount to 12 kinds, approximately 600 points in total. Painting of figure of realistic, colorful four seasons flower is given all a piece of one point. These guess from activity period of trunk mountain, and is considered to have been produced by lump in earlier period of Meiji by order for Arisugawa royal house. The best technique of Kyoto ceramic ware at the time is concentrated in delicacy of container, all of smallness of painting, and it may be said that it is right tableware which had business and the beauty.

In late years industrial arts of the Meiji period of our country comes into the limelight by prominent art again. If it is at opportunity to have you know charm of Kyoto ceramic ware from many containers named this ka* through book exhibition to introduce that new A product increased again there to in modern times, we are happy.


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