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May lively love words ... (Eiwa, Tokyo meeting sponsorship) to concert Aoki mari child live - happiness

Date The curtain rises on Tuesday, May 27, 2014: 19:00 (the opening: at 18:30)
Place Lively plaza Ichibancho (12, Ichibancho)
B1F cascade hall
Access Yurakucho Line "Kojimachi Station" Exit 5.6, a 5-minute walk
Hanzomon Line "Hanzomon Station" Exit 5, a 5-minute walk
JR, Yurakucho Line, Namboku Line, Shinjuku Line "Ichigaya Station" 13-minute walk

198 people

Admission 500 yen (one in)
※Beginning to sell of ticket plans Tuesday, April 22
Sponsorship Social welfare corporation Eiwa, Tokyo meeting
Reference It is plaza Ichibancho general information lively
TEL: 03-3265-6311

Event contents

We send in heart full voice
Good old song, Japanese beautiful song

I send the live concert of Aoki mari child that concert serves vocalist with five red balloons lively of May.

Many good old song to send in heart full voice of Aoki mari child, beautiful songs of Japan. And masterpiece of fork is going to ship "that splendid love to "the far-off world" once again", too.

Let's sing together this year in venue♪

Aoki mari child
In 1971, we make our debut in fork Duo "janettsu". We continue being active as CM song and chorus after the dissolution and play an active part as "Simmons" re-organization member (2007 graduation). After appearing on friends concert with Takashi Nishioka in May, 1998, we start activity as vocalist of "five red balloons" and continue up to the present day. In 2012, we released "love words to happiness" that received musical piece offer from Shozo Ise, Hiroko Taniyama and charmed new one side as vocalist again.

Satoru Nishihara (Nishihara realizes)
We are born in Hyogo on July 12, 1959. We are brought up in home of clergyman of heritage. We quit high school and begin band activity in Osaka. We live by living by music such as support of talent every day. In piano players, it is arranger a little.

Akira Tanigen (we open Tanimoto)
Musician. Bass player. 94' jazz fusion band "Radio Swings" organization. We release debut album "Radhi rider" than record (PONY CANYON sale) in 97' band in century. We appear on [Ken's Bar] as 99' Ken Hirai With Radio Swings. We are in charge of 'and music of stage work of city produce of hearing person with a disability theatrical company / style in '04 in 01 '02. We made stage music in W.Bass one. We participate in 08' Jake Shimabukuro JAPAN TOUR 2008. As of 03' ..., we are active by concert and recording of kawakuchikyogo.




It is plaza Ichibancho MAP lively