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Tokyo Station whole Niigata fair (Tokyo station city management meeting sponsorship)

Date From Saturday, March 15, 2014 to 31st Monday
Place Tokyo station city
Access Tokyo Station
Sponsorship Tokyo station city management meeting
Reference About "development of menu, product using Niigata ingredients"
・Grand studio, Grand studio dining
Tetsudo Kaikan TEL: 03-5299-2211
・Grand roof, kitchen street, black wall bystreet, guranaju
Tetsudo Kaikan TEL: 03-5299-2204
・ekyuto Tokyo
JR East station retailing TEL03-3212-8910
・Tokyo and Chiba district street
JR East retail net TEL: 03-3218-8001
・Tokyo station hotel
Nippon Hotel Tokyo station hotel TEL: 03-5220-1111 (main)
・Among the Hotel Metropolitan-maru
Nippon Hotel Hotel Metropolitan Marunouchi TEL: 03-3211-2233

Event contents

Tokyo Station whole Niigata fair

You can sense Niigata bodily in offer of menu using Niigata ingredients, holding of product exhibition, each place in Tokyo Station including display of tulip in Yaesu Exit Grand roof.

1.Development of menu, product using Niigata ingredients
We offer menu, product using carefully selected ingredients from Niigata at 10 facilities in Tokyo station city, approximately 40 stores.
The date and time: From Saturday, March 15 to 31st Monday
Place: > in <wicket Grand studio, Grand studio dining, ekyuto Tokyo, Tokyo and Chiba district street <the wicket outside> kitchen street,
Among black wall bystreet, Grand roof, guranaju, Tokyo station hotel, the Hotel Metropolitan-maru

2."Niigata Chu-lip street 2014"
It is the tulip cultivation Japan birthplace, and Niigata is prefecture of the best cut flowers volume of shipment in Japan. We color Grand roof 2F deck with 10,000 tulips having "flower language of love" in red, blue, each yellow. Photospot among tulips and pretty appearing panel, tulip room such as kaleidoscope come up. Please feel coming of spring that one pair is early at Tokyo Station.
The date and time: From Saturday, March 1 to 31st Monday from 7:00 to 23:00
Place: Tokyo Station Yaesu Exit Grand roof 2F deck
Reference: Tetsudo Kaikan TEL: 03-5299-2209

3.Niigata product exhibition
We hold product exhibition which attracted special product, famous sake, cakes of high quality of ... Niigata in two places of event space in Tokyo Station. ...
・"Taste crowded Niigata fair"
"Theme park of liquor and rice of Echigo" of Niigata Station, Echigo-Yuzawa Station "ponshu building" appears at Tokyo Station for a limited time in cooperation with each municipality! We send famous sake, rice of Niigata, various charm about meal of Niigata including cake of high quality at Tokyo Station.
The date and time: From Saturday, March 15 to 19th Wednesday from 10:00 to 20:00 ※The last day until 18:00
B1F byu square in Tokyo Station wicket
Reference: Tetsudo Kaikan TEL: 03-5299-2211
・"Taste is crowded"; Niigata DC product exhibition
We have excellent articles for sale such as bamboo grass dumplings of Japanese-Western style sweets cake of high quality got close to in Niigata cake of high quality in hometown more than 30 years, "river steam" and special product only in Niigata and support Niigata DC.
The date and time: From Saturday, March 15 to 31st Monday weekdays from 10:00 to 21:00, Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays from 7:00 to 21:00 ※The first day: 12:00 ..., the most whole day: Until ... 19:00
Reference: JR East retail net TEL: 03-3212-6328

4.Sightseeing PR event
Plural number during period holds campaign opening ceremony, demonstration of traditional arts, event of sightseeing PR of Niigata including the next station of local character.
Place: The first floor of JR Tokyo Station basement Grand studio (byu square) ※Wicket is inner
・Niigata destination campaign "Tokyo Station whole Niigata fair" opening ceremony
The date and time: Saturday, March 15 from 14:00 to 14:30
Place: The first floor of Tokyo Station basement byu square
Opening of a meeting greetings by Deputy-Governor of stationmaster at Tokyo, Niigata prefectural flower corner, Niigata clogs total dance, event by Uesugi hospitality military commander corps
・Stage event
The date and time: Saturday, March 15
Uesugi hospitality military commander corps, ogre drum, sake PR by Niigata biyuzuri "team we pour yuzuri zu (good next) unit"
The date and time: Sunday, March 16
Performance of drum entertainment group hand drum child
※Hand drum child…Drum entertainment group (appearance by special formation) which moves into action based in Niigata Sadogashima
Niigata clogs total dance, ogre drum, national local play summit notice, sake PR by Niigata biyuzuri "team we pour yuzuri zu corps"
・Sightseeing PR event
The date and time: From Saturday, March 15 to 19th Wednesday, 21st from Friday to 23rd Sunday, 29th Saturday, 30th Sunday
Sightseeing PR by each local local character, sightseeing ambassador, mistake

※We carry out stage event, sightseeing PR event in from 11:00 to 16:00 during period.

5.Niigata station lunch fair in "station lunch shop festival"
On "station lunch shop feast day," we sell 12 kinds of popularity station lunches of Niigata that took in Koshihikari from Niigata and seafood, riches of the soil and support Niigata destination campaign. In addition, we sell famous station lunch "salmon harako lunch" of Niigata Station to customer at store demonstration corner of favorable reception. Please appreciate taste of fresh one.
The date and time: From Wednesday, March 19 to 31st Monday
Reference: Japan restaurant enterprise Tokyo lunch sales people Branch TEL: 03-3213-4

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