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"We hang the history and heart that company 2 - long-established store talks about the 152nd Kanda society <downtown area talk 17> for Kanda 100 years"

Date The curtain rises at 18:15 on Tuesday, February 25, 2014 (the 18:00 opening)
Place The second floor of the SORA city conference center terrace room (4-6, Kandasurugadai)
Access JR "Ochanomizu Station" St. Hashiguchi, a 1-minute walk
Chiyoda Line "Shin-Ochanomizu Station" Exit B2 direct connection
Marunouchi Line "Ochanomizu Station" Exit 1, a 4-minute walk
Shinjuku Line "Ogawamachi Station" Exit B3 6-minute walk
Entrance fee General 1,500 yen, member of Kanda society 1,000 yen, student 500 yen
※On the day please pay at reception desk.
Application Please let application know the name, the participation number of people, the pivot, unnecessary (in the case of the pivot as for the address) of receipt by email or FAX.

The NPO corporation Kanda society secretariat
FAX: 03-3259-7555 E-mail:
Sponsorship NPO corporation Kanda society
Reference The NPO corporation Kanda society secretariat
TEL: 03-3259-7550

Event contents

The second of talk event that won great popularity!

Company, group more than founding 100 years is in Kanda more than 160 stores.
We invite toward the well-established top and, from histories (the past) more than 100 years when we ran in Kanda, talk about current figure and the prospects to the future.

・From 18:15 to 18:30 opening

・Invite the well-established top of Kanda for from 18:30 to 20:30; and downtown area talk
Host: Yukio Nishimura (University of Tokyo's professor, NPO Kanda society's director)

・From 20:30 to 20:45 questions and answers, exchange of opinions

<guest profile>
Masashi Koyama (koyama, masashi)
Founding 1805 (Bunka 2), hill bow tool shop chairperson. The eighth generation. Store specializing in bow tools in Kandasudacho. We put birth celebration of the present Emperor and bow of enthronement ceremony for parent and child two generations. We produce Japanese bow with light, strong glass fiber for the first time throughout the trade. Price may be reasonable and receives support from student performing Kyudo.

Akira Saito (saitou, autumn and others)
Founding 1818 (Bunsei 1), Tamagawa temple president. The seventh generation. Store specializing in calligraphy articles handling writing brush, sumi, paper. Good-quality writing brush has been used habitually from Bakin Takizawa, Kafu Nagai, Shigeru Yoshida, the literary world including descendant of Confucius to politics by famous people. In late years we are published in guidebook of ANA, and person who buys writing brush from foreign countries comes.

Yoshio Watanabe (cotton hot pot gives up)
Founding 1894 (Meiji 27), Kaind Wear's chairperson and executive director. The fourth generation. We are in charge of almost all formal clothes since we pay courtesy clothes of the Imperial Palace completion to the Imperial Family and did. We fix black double suit to formal dress and we develop store specializing in care articles in department store for 20 years and perform management that always fixed its eyes on point.

On the day it is in SORA city plaza (SORA city B1 floor) by all means when you come,
Look at town walk station "tea navigation".
※On the day we extend opening time in particular until from 17:30 to 18:00.