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Your portrait - Tetsumi Kudo retrospective show (National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo sponsorship)

Date From Tuesday, February 4, 2014 to Sunday, March 30
From 10:00 to 17:00 (on Friday from 10:00 to 20:00) ※Until 30 minutes before admission closing each
Closed days On Monday (opened on March 24)
Place National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo (Kitanomaru-koen Park 3-1)
Plan exhibition gallery

Tozai Line "Takebashi Station" 1b exit, a 3-minute walk

Viewing charges General 850(600) Japanese yen, university student 450(250) Japanese yen
(in), group rate, all more than 20 include consumption tax.
※One and person of attendant (one) who lower than high school student and have under 18 years old, disability certificate are free of charge.
※With admission ticket of "your portrait - Tetsumi Kudo retrospective show", you can see "MOMAT collection" "mud and Jerry only for the day, too".
Sponsorship National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo, National Museum of Art, Aomori Museum of Art
Reference National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo
TEL: 03-5777-8600 (hello dial)

Event contents

Your portrait - Tetsumi Kudo retrospective show

Tetsumi Kudo (1935-90) took spotlight as one of the representative writers of "nonart" commencing with announcement of work from all over Tokyo art university attendance at school early. We move base in Paris after 1962 and, until the mid-80s, are active mainly in Europe. It is strong Kudo of impression of "nonart" in Japan, but it is only first several years. After having moved base in Paris in particular, we produced work from civilization to point of view of making a social comment. We display record picture about performance that he worked on like work production, work and document more than 200 points of total number including photograph in addition to work of first in Japan exhibition by book exhibition and introduce the total picture of his activity. It is 20 years since then in Japan and is the first retrospective show in Tokyo.

With Tetsumi Kudo
1935, Osaka birth. We spent boyhood in Aomori that was hometown of father and, after the premature death of father, spent high school days in Okayama of home town of mother. We enter Tokyo art university. From all over university attendance at school, we start announcement of work mainly on "Yomiuri independent exhibition" exhibition. Ushio Shinohara and Shusaku Arakawa formed and, with "neo-Dada," attracted attention as representative of "nonart".
1962, visit to France. Thereafter, until the mid-80s when we come to go back and forth in Japan, we play an active part around Europe. We develop work and performance to provoke "good sense" of the ground in sequence so that it is representative in Europe by series of "your portrait". In 1972, private exhibition was held in Amsterdam City art museum.
We change from the about the latter half of 1970s to work gradually full of introspection-like atmosphere. In 1987, we take office as professor of Tokyo art university of old school. On November 12, 1990, we died with 55-year-old youth. When his work has a look, they are grotesque, but they are made for the purpose of shaking established concept of beholder as "model of social criticism" based on physics and mathematics, interest in civilized society.
It is retrospective show in the National Museum of Art in 1994. Retrospective show is held in Walker Art Center (Minneapolis) in maison rouge (Paris), 2008 in 2007, and mood of reevaluation increases worldwide.



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