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New Year exhibition (New Otani Art Museum sponsorship)

Date From Wednesday, January 1, 2014 to 19th Sunday
From 10:00 to 18:00 (as for the admission until 17:30)
Closed days Monday, January 6, 14th Tuesday
Place New Otani Art Museum (4-1, Kioicho)
Access "Akasaka-Mitsuke Station" D exit, approximately 4 minutes on foot
"Nagatacho Station" Exit 7, approximately 4 minutes on foot
Admission charges General 500 yen, small, middle life 200 yen
※Hotel guest for free, more than 20 groups are for each 100 yen discount
Sponsorship New Otani Art Museum
Reference New Otani Art Museum
TEL: 03-3221-4111

Event contents

It is one action grand duke open by masterpiece of Otani collection!

We exhibit "Eiffel Tower 36 views" of Henri Revere produced as hommage to mt. Fuji 36 view of oil painting image and Hokusai such as << lying on back nude woman >> of Morris de Vlaminck << bouquet >> and Tsuguji Fujita, Bernard buffet << man of cafe >>, Keith van Dongen << woman of white clothes >>, Marie Laurencin << playing children >>.
In addition, other than handwriting ukiyoe prints such as important cultural property, Taiga Ikeno << illustration of sinus garden red wall roll >> of this hotel store, no subsection << figure of dancing >>, Kiyonaga Torii << figure of Buddhist chant playing the koto >>, Utamaro Kitagawa << beautiful woman and figure of young people >>, biography Moronobu Hishikawa << figure of Genroku era manners and customs >>, one action releases Taikan Yokoyama, Kanzan Shimomura, broadcloth << the God of Longevity, crane, tortoise >> by Shunso Hishida vs. Kansetsu Hashimoto << snow zora >>, Japanese paintings such as Yukihiko Yasuda << dawn >>, masterpiece of Otani collection very much!

As you plan various events in hotel on the first three days of a new year for New Year holidays, you add and work appreciation in art museum, and please enjoy bustle on the New Year.

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