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"Fuji of the late Tokugawa period, Meiji" (JCII photo salon sponsorship)

Date From Monday, January 6, 2014 to Sunday, February 2
From 10:00 to 17:00
Closed days Every Monday (but, in the case of holiday, we are opened)
Place JCII photo salon (the first floor of 25, Ichibancho JCII building)
Access Hanzomon Line "Hanzomon Station" Exit 4, a 1-minute walk
Yurakucho Line "Kojimachi Station" Exit 3, an 8-minute walk
Admission charges Free of charge
Sponsorship JCII photo salon
Reference JCII photo salon
TEL: 03-3261-0300

Event contents

"Fuji of the late Tokugawa period, Meiji"

1880-1890 generation shooting that "sees urakyo and Fuji of Tako from ura of Tako:" Seibee Kajima

Mount Fuji of the Japanese highest peak of 3,776m above sea level to rise in boundary of Shizuoka and Yamanashi was registered with world's cultural heritage of the UNESCO in the name called "Fujisan, sacred place and source of artistic inspiration" in June of this year, and it was big topic.
Mount Fuji has been worshiped as magnificent, beautiful figure and Ryozen where the gods and Buddha lived in from ancient times by sometimes erupting, and bringing disaster by people. At religiously special place where mountaineering ascetic trained himself/herself in Kamakura, the Muromachi era, only a few human beings were able to enter, but there came to be Fuji mountain climbing to the people at large when Fuji scheme to believe in Mount Fuji in Kanto in the Edo era was raging.

In addition, figure of Fuji to draw the beautiful foot into has been done with motif of various art. We drew Mount Fuji which Hokusai Katsushika and Hiroshige Utagawa saw with ukiyoe print from various places in the Edo era. Subject and photograph which we did came to be photographed, and Mount Fuji was described in setting scene and picture of a folding screen of studio of photo studio at the time much afterwards Fuji by photography brought by the late Tokugawa period by Japan. As photograph of the late Tokugawa period, the Meiji period was sold as souvenir for foreigners mainly, probably Mount Fuji would be an attractive person for foreigner.

Mainly on the late Tokugawa period, photograph of Mount Fuji photographed for the Meiji period possessing this time in this hotel, we display approximately 100 points. Ferry Che beato, steal Freed, Wilhelm burger, Renjo Shimooka, Shusaburo Usui, Kuichi Uchida, F Sari, Kosaburo Tamamura, Shinnichi Suzuki, Kusakabe soldier of the Imperial Guard Kim, famous photographer including Seibee Kajima at the time are described in Fujiyoshida, *so, ura of Tako, figure of Fuji that we photographed from various places including muddy river and setting scene and picture of a folding screen, and person photograph sees Mount Fuji which came out.

They could still see Mount Fuji which passed more than 100 years after it was photographed with figure which did not change, but people and neighboring states that came out changed into photograph dramatically. We do not change that we go to change. Please enjoy figure of beautiful Fuji while feeling passage of time.

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