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The first space cafe ☆Shine in Ochanomizu - now! - (executive committee sponsorship) that the aison comet - human does not forget you

※We finished offer acceptance. Much application, thank you very much. (11/22)


Wednesday, November 27, 2013 from 18:45 to 21:15 (opening 18:15)

Place ECOM Surugadai 3-11-1, Kandasurugadai, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Access From JR Ochanomizu Station a 4-minute walk
From subway Ogawamachi Station, Awajicho Station a 2-minute walk
From Tokyo Metro Shin-Ochanomizu Station a 2-minute walk
Entrance fee 1,000 yen (we include alcohol or soft drink two cans.)
Application method ■Application method
30 offer number of people ※When there are many applicants, we draw lots

We apply from the following website
[application form]
Sponsorship Space cafe ☆Ochanomizu executive committee
The cosponsorship Ochanomizu Meikei Street society, Ochanomizu skimmer university
The support VIXEN

The space cafe secretariat TEL: 03-6206-4902
(general incorporated foundation) Japanese space forum public information, investigation Division person in charge: Kyouda / Takagi

Official site

Event contents


In information point of transmission scientific in Ochanomizu space development!

With "space cafe ☆ Ochanomizu"

We named science cafe & starlit sky observation meeting which performed holding (plan) bimonthly in Ochanomizu area "space cafe ☆ Ochanomizu". We want to make Ochanomizu information point of transmission of space development, science. It is regional alliances activity that began with such thought.

Theme of the memorable first "aison comet"

aison comet which is discovered in last September, and is becoming topic now. We approach the sun to distance of approximately 1,170,000 kilos that is shorter than diameter of the sun on November 29, 2013. Because it is not type to go around the sun like Halley's comet, this time is beginning, and observation is once-in-a-lifetime valuable chance in the last.

Therefore is "the first space cafe ☆ Ochanomizu", "shine in now! When the aison comet - human does not forget you, we title and invite person concerned with each space which is authority of this aison comet to guest and approach in charm of comet while drinking liquor. We sandwich broadcasting on the Internet on the way and communicate with guest. After the end, we plan "starlit sky observation party" with astronomical telescope. We look forward to your visit.

18:15 The opening
18:45 ...
Space cafe "shine in now! The aison comet - human does not forget you"


Seiichi Sakamoto (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency)

Takuya Okawa (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency)
Fumihiko Usui (the University of Tokyo)

[telephone guest]
Junichi Watabe (National Astronomical Observatory vice-stand length)
Koji Onishi (national Nagano technical college's professor)
Hidekazu Hanayama (National Astronomical Observatory)

20:15 ...
Starlit sky observation society
※It may be called off in case of rain.

■Application method
30 offer number of people 
※When there are many applicants, we should draw lots. Apply from the following website.

※We finished offer acceptance. Much application, thank you very much. (11/22)
[application form]


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