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Marunouchi walk guide special episode "Marunouchi street gallery enjoyment tour ♪"

Date Wednesday, December 11, 2013 from 13:30 to 16:00
※13:20 meeting ※Rainy weather decisive action
Place According to Marunouchi relation
Access Tokyo Station, others
Entrance fee
Of 2000 yen per person (tax-included) ※Prior transfer system
20 people ※Application first-come-first-served basis
Application method
In FAX or E-mail, apply after filling out necessary matter (cf. flyer).
I inform of transfer in reply. Closing date is Wednesday, December 4.
(when there is not reply, I am sorry to trouble you, but please contact again within three business days.)
In addition, please consult about worry at the time of application food allergy.

Application required matter↓
Full name (furigana), TEL, Email, FAX, the group number of people

FAX: 03-3287-5840
Sponsorship rigare (association of NPO corporation Daimaru existence area management)
Reference rigare (association of NPO corporation Daimaru existence area management)
TEL: 03-3287-5386 (weekdays from 9:30 to 17:30)

Event summary

On commentary of Hakone Open-Air Art Museum, do you not observe sculpture according to relation?

"Marunouchi street gallery" where spare ga line with ten points of works was broken in addition to conventional popular work this summer. As for this plan that Marunouchi walk guide special episode is annual, it is luxury tour that we can observe while hearing commentary of Hakone Open-Air Art Museum curator directly. In finally stylish cafe [KAITEKI] CAFE of tour, there is cafe time of pudding and coffee, too♪




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