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We see ...! Know! Restaurant Day festival (association of national beans promotion society, Japanese beans sponsorship) of ... bean

Date Sunday, October 13, 2013 from 11:00 to 17:00
Place Yurakucho station square (2-7-1, Yuuraku-cho)
Access The JR "Yurakucho Station" station square, subway "Yurakucho Station" 1-minute walk, subway "Ginza Station" 3-minute walk
Sponsorship Association of national beans promotion society, Japan beans
Cooperation Nippon Broadcasting System, around Yurakucho Station district road environment maintenance meeting

Event contents


On day of bean, is parent and child by all means; to "festival on day of bean!"

We hold "day Festival of bean" on "day of bean" on October 13 to have you get close to reliable beans more even if small. We know world bean culture and can try representative bean dishes, and quiz or game using bean are carried out, and document which can know nourishment of bean again is distributed. You are colorful, and form knows lovely bean and eats, and please participate in festival to enjoy in parent and child.

※In addition, for this event, do not need prior participation application, but on the day perform participation in one hoped for; "donation (the amount of donation does not set in particular.) for Great East Japan Earthquake support Please cooperate with ". We contribute the total amount to social welfare corporation center community chest society as "Great East Japan Earthquake contribution" and spend donation that had you cooperate for support of victims.
World bean dishes sampling corner
Quiz rally
Game corner
Display corner
Stage event


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