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dejihari festival 2013 (executive committee sponsorship)

Date  Saturday, October 12, 2013 from 10:00 to 18:00, 13th Sunday from 10:00 to 17:00
Place Digital Hollywood University Surugadai campus
(4-6, Kandasurugadai sorashitiakademia 3F/4F)
Access JR "Ochanomizu Station" 1-minute walk
Chiyoda Line "Shin-Ochanomizu Station" direct connection
Marunouchi Line "Ochanomizu Station" 4-minute walk
JR "Akihabara Station" 9-minute walk
Shinjuku Line "Ogawamachi Station" 6-minute walk
Admission Free of charge
Sponsorship dejihari festival executive committee
Reference dejihari festival executive committee synthesis
MAIL: info2013@dhfes .com

Event contents

dejihari festival 2013 theme "hospitality"

Digital Hollywood University moves campus from Akihabara to Ochanomizu and will reach one turning point this year. Theme of dejihari festival 2013 of this year that is year of such a knot "hospitality" motto of this university under "entertainment do all" club activities, circle, volunteer group of dejihari sizes full of ideas hold; various places local with thing "hospitality" does high school student and you in various places of the industry. Please thoroughly enjoy creative "buckwheat noodles at moving" from Digital Hollywood University.

■Circle, volunteer group exhibition / dejihari festival frontier 2013
Creators of dejihari size are entries this year on dejihari feast day! "Perform motto of this school of all for entertainment!", and 13 groups present all plan in no bottom, this year! And we hold "dejihari festival frontier" which exhibition group competes for over the grand prix this year. On the day judge is all of visits! Please vote for favorite group with your clean one vote! "Prize for hospitality" is installed "President Sugiyama Prize" "the highest award" in this year. It is which group to win a prize?

■dejihari festival 2013 event
In main stage and event space, we do both Nippon Express on the date, and event that we invite various stage performances and guests such as dance and band performance is performed! There become full of events like dejihari. Please enjoy dejihari feast day exhaustively!

■dejihari festival period-limited "dejihari soba"
12th, 13th from 12:00 to 14:30 @ food court
Offer of dejihari festival 2013-limited menu "dejihari soba" is realized in dejihari festival 2013 and collaboration with dejiharikafeteria. Real soba is available at reasonable price. Please enjoy "buckwheat noodles at moving" collecting in stomach properly from dejihari size.
Price: 350 yen offer place: Food court offer time: Both days from 12:00 to 14:30
(it becomes the offer end as soon as we disappear ※)

■Impromptu creative contest
12th 13:00 - @ main stage
In time when courageous men whom design skill is confident in were given, we produce coaster design using appointed material! This plan that both speed, quality are demanded from. Who is it as expected to have honor of championship in the hand?

■Wearing men's clothes woman's disguise costume play contest
12th 15:00 - @ main stage
It is held in this year! Eccentric Mr. & beauty pageant of dejihari size! We establish three sections of wearing men's clothes section where woman plays man, woman's disguise section where man plays woman, costume play section becoming favorite character completely

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