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Power (container Hanada sponsorship of living) of old dyed pattern to make use of in the present age (just)

Date From Wednesday, October 2, 2013 to 12th Saturday
From 10:30 to 19:00 ※It is without holiday during session
Place Container Hanada (2-2-5, Kudanminami) of living
Gallery space on the second floor
Access Subway "Kudanshita" Exit 2, a 5-minute walk
Sponsorship Container Hanada of living
Reference Container Hanada of living
TEL: 03-3262-0669

Event contents


Power of old dyed pattern to make use of in the present age (just)
Exhibition called "old dyed pattern and china with a blue glaze design" was held in Idemitsu Museum of Arts recently and became topic. It is light old dyeing that is familiar than Old Imari, but there are many fans, and it seems to be quiet boom in the clear, powerful style.

Old dyed pattern is last years of middle Kuniaki charges, the early period of Kiyo, porcelain of dyed pattern and picture made mainly in Jingde Town by order of Japanese master of tea ceremony, but the most remain in Japan not made China. As for it, I am amazed at all to learn, and we doubt what we valued high all together, and there are none in those days because earthenware of so-called soil is mainstream, and porcelain painted with reliable blue of asbolite there by refreshing white skin appeared speaking of Japanese ceramic ware.

It is not good-quality porcelain soil and glaze, but expression of symbolic Old dyed pattern is never seen in Old Imari of Japan in rustic soil taste of tight Chinese characteristic, blue deep densely, stroke of the pen of outline that we incised firmly. But, as for container form and Fumi, there are many things which reflected Japanese tea ceremony and life culture only for order from master of tea ceremony, and atmosphere that it is free and is fun including person sentence, female marketeer's hat and flower basket sentence melts into our life without resistance.

We chose dyed pattern of maturity, author eight of picture and just asked for the making of modern container which kept charm of Old dyed pattern alive in popularity, ability in Hanada including Shunzo Masaki, Keifu Suzuki, Toshikazu Kitano by this plan exhibition. Individuality of each author serves as old dyed pattern as caliber of ancient ballad in the subject, and how do you let development flower bloom? Interest does not run out. In addition, in venue, you see plate and bowl of old dyed pattern that Hanada performed collection of. Deep taste to have of tanka poetry. At the same time, please enjoy.

■Display contents
60 kinds such as small plate, small dish, Mukozuke, seihachi, seisara, rice bowl, small sake cup

■Exhibition author
Shunzo Masaki, Mitsuo Fujitsuka, Toshikazu Kitano, Nishino Saegusa, Keifu Suzuki, Masaru Yoshioka two, Yasuyo Yamamoto

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