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The look Impressionists and end of the century art to Mitsubishi Museum Building No.1 perfect gem choice 2013 - modern times‐

Date From Saturday, October 5, 2013 to Sunday, January 5, 2014
Opening time /10:00 - 18:00 (only as for) to remove (holiday on Friday until 20:00)
※Until 30 minutes before admission closing
※We are opened until 18:00 on Friday, January 3
Closed days Monday closing (but, in the case of holiday, we are opened and are opened until 18:00 on closing, December 24 on Tuesday, the following day)
From Saturday, December 28 to January 1, 2014 Wednesday (holiday)

Mitsubishi Museum Building No.1 (Marunouchi 2-6-2)

Access Chiyoda Line "Nijubashimae Station" Exit 1, a 3-minute walk
Toei Mita Line "Hibiya Station" Exit B7, a 4-minute walk
The JR "Tokyo Station" Marunouchi south exit, "Yurakucho Station" International Forum Exit, a 5-minute walk
Admission charges Advance ticket / public 1,000 yen ※As for less than university student, as for the setting of advance ticket, there are none
Today's ticket / public 1,200 yen, high school student, university student 800 yen, small, junior high student 400 yen
Sponsorship Mitsubishi Museum Building No.1, TV Asahi
Reference TEL: 03-5777-8600 (hello dial)

Event contents

Dream and ideal of painters, brightness of freedom
Renoir, the Monet and others Impressionists. It is also Redon, Toulouse = Lautrec, varotton. Painters - whom we stimulated each other around France Paris over the beginning from the 19th to the 20th century and influenced.
It is one of the times when it is the most fertile in history of art that European artists explore new expression in this time and brought about and is the big change period. By book exhibition, we display dream and ideal, work group which 29 artists who had a big influence on the later art have begun to spin from collection of this hotel which is filled to shine, and overflowed of freedom. Please thoroughly enjoy 149 points of selected perfect gems including the first public exhibition after the store.

<the highlight of book exhibition>

Painters whom we stimulated in Paris
Renoir, Monet, Cezanne and others Impressionists and Redon, Toulouse = Lautrec, varotton. In central Paris of world culture, we stimulate each other and introduce work group of painters of the golden age in the end of the century when we influenced.

Dream and ideal of painters of the change period, brightness of freedom
The change period that artists explored new expression in Europe of the late 19th century. In pursuit of original expression, please enjoy dream and ideal of painters whom you produced, work group filled with brightness of freedom.

Perfect gem of Mitsubishi Museum Building No.1 collection
Mitsubishi Museum Building No.1 forms collection mainly on building "Mitsubishi Building No. 1" and modern art which is at the beginning of the 19th to the 20th century of the same period completed in 1894. By book exhibition, we display 149 points of selected perfect gems including the first public exhibition after the store.