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The 47th Hie-jinja Shrine eighth lunar month wind and string music festival (Hie-jinja Shrine, Hie red or sponsorship)

Date It is start 18:00 at opening 17:30 on Monday, September 8, 2014
Place Hie-jinja Shrine garden attached to a Shinto shrine (2-10-5, Nagatacho)
Access A 5-minute walk from Chiyoda Line "Kokkaigijidomae Station" exit 5.
A 3-minute walk from Ginza Line, Namboku Line "Tameike-Sanno Station" exit 7.
Entrance appreciation ticket
3,000 yen
Sponsorship Hie-jinja Shrine, Hie red
Reference Hie-jinja Shrine shrine office
TEL: 03-3581-2471

Event contents

Eighth lunar month wind and string music festival
"Gagaku" is played for festivals commencing with religious service of Shinto shrine common usage regularly. "Eighth lunar month wind and string music festival" held on good day of the eighth lunar month stream down long gagaku that traditional, has been cultivated definitely and is done *ko as musical grammar to soften, and to worship divine will while praying for sum of all the people comfort every year. "Sanno drum" "gagaku" "shrine maiden's dance" "court dance and music" is played on the day.

... 2014 program ...
Sanno drum  hosanaonenkaihoshi   
Musical performance Imperial court music melody of pitch of mi introduction (hyojononetori) 
  Song of forest (phosphorus)
  Court music of a quartet sword dance (bairo)
Noh dance dance Dance of sword (Mai of sword)
  Eternal dance (saying sudden Mai)
  Dance of Hie (hienomai)
Court dance and music Initial purification dance music (embu)
  Old Uso (kotoriso)
  The batted ball is comfortable



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