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Large dinosaur exhibition in Marunouchi 2013 - Fukui dinosaur Museum collection ... (Fukui, Mitsubishi Estate sponsorship)

Date From Thursday, August 1, 2013 to 18th Sunday from 11:00 to 20:00
Place ・Circle building 1F circle cube (Marunouchi 2-4-1)
・Marunouchi OAZO 1F ○○ open space (open space) (Marunouchi 1-6-4)
・Shin Marunouchi Building 3F atrium (Marunouchi 1-5-1)
Access JR, subway "Tokyo Station"
Admission Free of charge
Sponsorship Fukui, Mitsubishi Estate Co., Ltd.
Reference Marunouchi call center
TEL: 03-5218-5100 (last day of from 11:00 to 21:00 Sundays and holidays, the consecutive holidays - 20:00)

Event contents

Tokyo Marunouchi is Times lip for the dinosaur era?
The world exhibits carnivorous dinosaur frame specimen display of approximately 10m in total length and moving "fukuiraputoru" picture experience corner to the public first!

We learn life and the history of dinosaur while being in Marunouchi and hold "large dinosaur exhibition in Marunouchi 2013 - Fukui dinosaur Museum collection ..." which the ancient world where dinosaurs inhabited is felt.

Display carnivorous dinosaur which Fukui dinosaur Museum said to be one of the three major dinosaurs Museum of the world possesses, large and small frame specimens nine of grazing dinosaur in Marunouchi area, and is MR technology in "fukuiraputoru" of Fukui dinosaur Museum possession ※It reappears with 1
, and the world actually exhibits picture experience corner that can look at state that dinosaur moves to the public first using Head Mount Display. From adult to child, it is event that you can enjoy in wide layer.
※1 MR (Mixed Reality) technique: Technique to let you reflect virtual object drawn in the reality world with CG and feel as if you exist

In addition, in Shin Marunouchi Building 3F atrium venue, we hold fossil excavation experience (20 free / every day, rearranging ticket system) for primary schoolchildren in conjunction with "Marunouchi kids jamboree 2013" only in period on Wednesday for from Monday, August 12 to 14th.
In addition, when we participate in stamp rally going round each venue (circle building, Marunouchi OAZO) and collect stamps during period, we present original memo pad (the first every day 200 people / circle Building venue) and prepare for fun except display. ※Present has a limit to number.
Please arrive to usually look at dinosaurs which we cannot look at.

<bario meat bad one kick>
<circle building 1F circle cube venue>
Theme: Carnivorous dinosaur park

The world first public exhibition! "fukuiraputoru ※ 2" MR technology picture experience corner using screen of 150inch
⇒We are seen in "fukuiraputoru" moving from various angles!
※Carnivorous dinosaur that it is thought that we belong to 2 allosaurus superfamilies. We are estimated to be 4.2m in total length by thighbone, and in late years opinion to belong to megaraputoru which is allosauruses of evolution type is announced.

The natural history outside of a palace first public exhibition! Whole body frame specimen display of large carnivorous dinosaur including bario meat bad one kick (approximately 10m)

<Marunouchi OAZO 1F ○○ open space (open space) venue>
Theme: Grazing dinosaur park

■Whole body frame display of Tsingtao Saul's supinorinusu of approximately 8m to assume grazing dinosaur representative
⇒Commencing with large-scale ornithopod dinosaur "Tsingtao Saul's supinorinusu" (approximately 8m), whole body frame specimen of four grazing dinosaurs appears in Marunouchi OAZO!

<Shin Marunouchi Building 3F atrium venue>
Theme: Summer vacation fossil excavation experience
period: From Monday, August 12 to 14th Wednesday
■Fossil excavation experience for kids 
⇒Fossil excavation experience to be possible only in Katsuyama-shi, Fukui in Marunouchi!
※On the day we distribute rearranging ticket to each time in the first floor of the Shin Marunouchi Building Tokyo Station side common use department from 10:00 and are finished as soon as we disappear
※Object: Primary schoolchild first grader - sixth grader (reception desk: protector companion) / capacity: Each 20 times
⇒ Marunouchi kids jamboree 2013

<with Fukui dinosaur Museum>
Museum largest in the country about dinosaur that Fukui dinosaur Museum displayed document about dinosaur. It is museum aiming at display supported academically that researcher can be satisfied with again that we enjoy from child to adult and can learn.
⇒ Fukui dinosaur Museum


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