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What is Kanda Festival?
What is Kanda Festival?
 Festival "Kanda Festival" famous nationwide to continue from the Edo era when General Tokugawa made an imperial inspection is counted in one of "Japan's three biggest festival" "Edo three great festival". Once in two years, main festival is held, miniature shrine pull, and luxurious great lines such as things parade around Kanda, Nihonbashi area. Kanda Myojin was founded around current Otemachi Masakado mound in 730 by (730), and it was done utsushiza in northwestern direction protection place of Edo-jo Castle and the current ground where it was in 1616 by (1616).

Edo downtown area great enterprise line 1, Edo downtown area great enterprise line
God good luck festival goes round for approximately 30 kilos in parishioner 108 town assemblies of Kanda, Nihonbashi around three portable shrines ornamented with the miniature of a golden phoenix at the top (we cannot give up), miniature shrines. When it is about 16:00, in in front of Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi Head Office, there be and joins festival, and large line of several thousand scales leaves for Kanda Myojin.
Neck and catfish of huge ogre 2, neck and catfish of huge ogre
Line, charge festival most popular in the Edo era. Of neck (daikosangaijin) and catfish (large catfish and main point) of huge ogre pull, and thing is restored in the present age by balloon and there be, and pull by festival and is turned. Of "kochi tortoise" of this year popular comics pull, and there are things. Please see lively line said to be world festival.
It is Miyairi from morning to evening It is Miyairi from 3, morning to evening
Miniature shrine more than 200 big things and small things of parishioner who went round in each district, containing shrine one after another in Kanda Myojin from morning to evening; do. It is the highlight of Kanda Festival maximum, and the Shinto shrine precincts become full with people.
We fill up electronics quarter We fill up 4, electronics quarter
We carry on our shoulder with miniature shrine, and famous Akihabara is filled with hand, spectators as electric appliance and town of subculture. Sotokanda alliance ceremony (festival open space) to be practiced in Chuo-dori usually shows aspect of different town.

Two selections of contents to enjoy Kanda Festival.

1, sendaidenkuyukeibunkazaiimatsurigoto (house of Kanda)

Store house which the Endos who ran lumber dealer in Kanda Kamakura-cho from the Edo era built in 1927. We develop the history and culture while many precious choice woods and the skill of craftsman were full of.

[business hours] From 10:30 to 16:00

[holiday] Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays

[TEL] 03-3255-3565

2, Amano-ya

We make koji using cave-type loamed chamber in basement of the depths of shop, and self still produces Myojin amazake, kyuhomi*.

[business hours] From 10:00 to 18:00 (on 13th, 14th until from 11:00 to 16:00)

[holiday] Sunday ※Business special on 13th

3, Mikawa-ya Ayabe store

rohokojiten founded in 1616 (Genna 2). Other than popular prolongation of life amazake, handmade fermentation thing including Chiyoda natto and miso which are most suitable for souvenir is prepared.
[business hours] From 9:00 to 16:00

[holiday] Sunday (February, Wednesday of March fixed closing day)