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Direct marketing market ... (hotel Grand Palace sponsorship) of the fifth hote city ... hotel Grand Palace

Date Saturday, May 11, 2013 from 11:00 to 16:00
Place Hotel Grand Palace (1-1-1, Iidabashi)
The B1F event room "four seasons"
Access Subway "Kudanshita Station"
Tozai Line Exit 7 (Fujimi Exit), a 1-minute walk
Hanzomon Line, Shinjuku Line 3a turn mouth, a 3-minute walk
It is a 7-minute walk JR, subway "Iidabashi Station"
(Sobu Line, Yurakucho Line, Namboku Line, Toei Oedo Line)
We are going to open a store 14 groups
("Chiyoda blue sky city" participation group, Miyagi satelite shop Miyagi oldness and plaza)

No charge for admission

Sponsorship Hotel Grand Palace
Reference Hotel Grand Palace banquet reception clerk
TEL: 03-3264-1166 (directly)  ※Reception hours 9: It is 00 00-20

Event contents

... revival support city ... of the first anniversary of the holding

For from April, 2013 to June, "Sendai, Miyagi destination campaign" with JR group is held. Two years passed since 3.11 and planned the campaign and tie-up to aim at revival from the Great East Japan Earthquake by power to have of sightseeing, and this hote City raised theme called "revival support City". PR character "Musubimaru of the campaign appears in venue, too".
Shop of exhibition limits to Iwate, Miyagi, Fukushima, Ibaraki this time, and Hotel Grand Palace supports approach to revival.

Local gourmet of Miyagi

FOOD from 11:00 to 15:00

◇Kesennuma bowl one portion 1,100 yen

You can enjoy fresh fishery products direct from the field by way of bowl.
We prepare the most delicious fishery products which can be received at this time.
(we plan broadbill, Bincho charcoal tuna)

◇Specialty of Sendai beef tongue firing one portion 900 yen

Taste roasts condensed fragrant beef tongue in front of the customer and provides.
Please enjoy juicy taste softly.

◇Specialty of Tome-shi, Miyagi Hatto-jiru one portion 700 yen

It is local cuisine to boil with dumpling which lengthened wheat flour such as Hoto thinly and seasonal vegetables and mushroom.
Is there origin called (taboo) that prohibited what lord makes in name "suddenly" excessive taste of dishes?

DRINK from 11:00 to 16:00

[we compare by drinking local sake, here cider] It is 500 yen [craft beer] one 500 yen with two cups of glasses

◇Craft beer ※One 500 yen
"Oshu Sendai Masamune Date beer"
・Masamune Date beer (vaitsuen)
・Tsunenaga Hasekura beer (Pilsener)
・Kojuro Katakura beer (kerushu)

We win gold medal with Japan Asia beer cup. It is beer which can enjoy real German taste in live sharp refreshing drinkers of yeast.
When when Masamune Date captured the riot group of Sanuma Castle, military provisions mountain with beer factory stores military provisions during the Tensho era year.
It is beer matured slowly and carefully in the historical ground.

◇Sake ※It is 500 yen with two cups of glasses
・"Ichinokura Sake Brew foaming refined sake bell sound" (Osaki-shi)
It is low alcohol liquor of fizz which cool bubble goes up in light snow color finely when it flows into glass.
Taste is fluent, and eminent drinkability such as champagne is recommended to one and woman who do not usually drink liquor.
・"jumbeigin*urakasumizen" (Shiogama-shi)
It is smooth in ** and brews pure rice which it is easy to take with taste from the finest rice using Yamada Nishiki and Toyonishiki.
Faintly fruity delicate taste that we did plainly that it is fragrant, and there is.

◇Local cider ※It is 500 yen with two
・"gambarou Japan! Cider"
Cider of refreshing sweetness and refreshing stronger taste feeling nostalgic for slightly carbonate.
A part of the profit of this product is contributed as disaster reconstruction aid.
・"Cider for show"
Local cider which garnished label with Masamune Date.
It is cider of orthodox taste to be able to enjoy from child to adult.


◇Sightseeing in Miyagi PR character "Musubimaru" comes over to hote city!
Musubimaru is born as emblem of Sendai, Miyagi destination campaign in 2007. We express Miyagi blessed with culture as rich meal with "rice ball" and are character who touches decoration of helmet of Prince Masamune Date symbolizing "Date", and was personified.
We have a friendly character and love to ask photograph to take with children.
Of course on the day taking a ceremonial photograph with Musubimaru is possible.

◇Great East Japan Earthquake revival display plan "agriculture, farm village restoration, revival panel exhibition of Miyagi" others
Other than panel display of approach of earthquake disaster revival by Miyagi, we introduce approach to revival by people from hote city branch.    

Simultaneous holding
Until from Wednesday, May 1, 2013 to Sunday, June 30 "revive, and support! We hold Miyagi gourmet fair!
We hold restaurant fair to be able to enjoy menu using ingredients which chef de cuisine visits Miyagi and examined closely at all restaurants in hotel.

About partner held "Chiyoda blue sky city"
Market which platform service and NPO corporation agriculture, commerce and industry cooperation support center hold jointly.
Approximately 15 groups participate every month.

We are going to carry out the /5 moon on Friday on 10th in schedule.
Place / 3-21, Kandanishikicho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Chiyoda platform square the first floor Wood deck (in wild heaven-sent chance lobby)
Sponsorship / platform, NPO corporation agriculture, commerce and industry cooperation support center



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