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The seventh Marunouchi official approval (association of Daimaru existence area management sponsorship)

Date Wednesday, July 9, 2014
Reception desk start 18:30 examination time from 19:00 to 20:00
Place Circle building hall & conference square (Marunouchi 2-4-1)
Application method Homepage is referred to application in detail by WEB, FAX, mail

Reception desk period: From Monday, April 7, 2014 to Sunday, June 8
Examination fee: 3,000 yen (tax-included)
Sponsorship Association of Daimaru existence area management
Reference rigare (association of Daimaru existence area management)
TEL: 03-3287-5386 (weekdays from 9:30 to 17:30)

Event contents

Marunouchi official approval
Amenity is substantial town while it is global business town circle.
Marunouchi official approval is this town being town full of the history, official approval to have you know that it is town with multifaceted contents again.
If it is one where you can be interested in, anyone can participate. There are no limits of work location.
You "are master of circles, too!" You aim, and please challenge official approval!

■Undergoing an examination qualification
One where can be interested in as for anyone. There are no limits such as work location, career, age, sex, nationality.

■The number of the problems, form, range
100 choosing one types (around 50% make questions for problem about the history)
[contents] Overall knowledge concerning Marunouchi district (Otemachi, Marunouchi, Yurakucho)
[range] Seven areas of "basics" "history" "building" "business, economy" "traffic" "environment, town planning" "culture, art"

■Announcement of pass standard and pass result
The third grade…More than 70 points, it is the second grade…More than 80 points, it is the first grade…More than 90 points

Circle building MAP