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Leader and globalization (Kanda Myojin sponsorship) of meishinjukukankore 16 Edo

Date Wednesday, April 17, 2013, Wednesday, June 19, Wednesday, July 17, Wednesday, September 18, Wednesday, October 16, Wednesday, November 20
18 00/ Shinto priest lecture, 18 45/ plus expression worship (volunteer), 19 00/ lecture start, 20 the 30/ lecture end (plan):
Place shindemmeishinsaimushojishita hall (2-16-2, Sotokanda)
Access JR "Ochanomizu Station" St. Hashiguchi, a 5-minute walk
Chiyoda Line "Shin-Ochanomizu Station" 5-minute walk
Marunouchi Line "Ochanomizu Station" 5-minute walk
The offer number of people
Application order first arrival 100 people (as soon as it becomes capacity the deadline)
Tuition Whole year application /9, 000 yen (for all six times)
Single time application /1, 700 yen (as for the veneration member 1,500 yen)
※We give identification of "meishinjukukankore 16" completion to person that all lectures were attended by application in whole year.
※In the case of whole year application, it is Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Kanda Branch normal 7870595
Please transfer to Kanda karucha club Myojin private supplementary school.
Application method You specify application, and apply by mail, fax, email. We show around the details by mail. You have you list address, full name, sex, age, occupation, contact information phone number, and please send as follows on this occasion.

・In the case of mail, it is / 〒 101-0021 2-16-2, Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
・In the case of fax, it is /03-3255-8875
・In the case of email, it is /
Sponsorship Kanda Myojin
Reference Kanda Myojin (charge / torii, Kishikawa)
TEL: 03-3254-0753


Event contents

Leader and globalization of Edo

The Edo era of Tokugawa 300 years when image that there is not war, and was stable by peace is strong. However, as for the actual situation, politics, social problems always piled up commencing with disaster and famine. How did people of Edo deal with social crisis? We learn diverse aspects of crisis control of leader and people of the Edo era and plan lesson to the modern society and the succession of wisdom. Shrine-related Shintoism lecture increases newly and, as learning of businessman of work return and place of moisture of heart, sends new culture from Myojin private supplementary school.

○Technique (4/17) of 1 scheme world festival and hearts of the people grasp
Mysterious ... which was hidden in ... Kanda Festival
Kanda Festival that festival line enters Edo-jo Castle, and received imperial inspection of general was called world festival, but is provided with festival expense in particular from the Shogunate. Why would the Shogunate back up Kanda Festival strongly? We highlight deep intention of the Shogunate hidden in Kanda Festival.
We observe Kanda Festival freely in particular on 15th from May 9 (there is privilege only for annual member)

○Media information management (6/19) of 2 scheme Edo  
... that face of ... general was considered to be secret
The Shogunate keeps a close watch on information about general not to, whatever it is, leak out outside. The Shogunate clarifies diverse aspects that were going to let general dominate society of Edo by controlling the media of Edo.

○Amusement of 3 scheme Edo and huge business (7/17)
... that consumption of ... general public moved economy of Edo
Edoite enjoyed entertainment by peace against a backdrop of the stable times, but the consumption let economy of Edo activate very much. We solve dynamic composition that consumption to entertainment by Edoite is piled, and moves Edo economy.

○Line and foreign policy (9/18) of 4 scheme Edo
... daimyo, Korea, Ryukyu, Netherlands real image and virtual image ...
Edo was town which could meet daimyo's procession routinely, but was town which could come across line of foreigner including the Netherlands and Korea. Through line of daimyo coming and going in town of Edo and foreigner, we consider foreign policy of the Shogunate.

○5 scheme daimyo gardens and community design (10/16)
Light and shadow ... of ... society space
In huge garden established in daimyo's mansion of Edo, gorgeous society activity by general and lords was developed, but behind the scenes various expectations swirled. We press unexpected secret covered by daimyo garden of Edo.

○City planning (11/20) from 6 scheme Edo to Meiji
Mysterious ... of ... daimyo's mansion
Most of megacity Edo were occupied at site of very large daimyo's mansion where daimyos and clansmans lived in. We clarify how such a daimyo's mansion undergoes a transfiguration in process of city planning accompanied with the Meiji Restoration.

※Please note that you may change without notice by convenience in lecturer, subject, schedule.

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