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Nobuo Ishibashi Memorial culture forum (DAIWA HOUSE INDUSTRY sponsorship)

Date Saturday, July 6, 2013 from 14:00 to 17:00
Place The DAIWA HOUSE INDUSTRY Tokyo head office (3-13-1, Iidabashi)
Coliseum on the second floor
Access The JR "Suidobashi Station" west exit, a 2-minute walk
The JR "Iidabashi Station" east exit, a 7-minute walk
Yurakucho Line, Namboku Line, Oedo Line "Iidabashi Station" Exit A1, a 7-minute walk
Tozai Line "Iidabashi Station" Exit A5, approximately 4 minutes on foot or Exit A2, a 7-minute walk
Rate Free of charge
Application Apply than lottery application form of homepage.
※The deadline: Wednesday, May 29, 2013
Sponsorship DAIWA HOUSE INDUSTRY Co., Ltd.
Reference The Nobuo Ishibashi Memorial forum secretariat
TEL: 03-3403-6451

Event contents

To make "a certain leadership Japanese"
What do you learn from historical person?

Elder statesman, bureaucrat, businessman of Meiji that carried out Prince Shotoku who built national base in the Asuka era, Yoritomo Minamoto who established the samurai government, war-torn country military commanders of conflict between regionally powerful lords, the Tokugawas and Yozan Uesugi and others affairs of a feudal clan reformers who realized Taihei of Edo, and maintained, foundation of revolution and Shouin Yoshida, Shinsaku Takasugi, Ryoma Sakamoto and others, the national modernization that it was. Shigeru Yoshida who carried out big jobs from defeat to revival. Superior leader was born at the turning point by all means if we looked back on Japanese history and we exceeded the times with the rare leadership and ruled country. They flutter, and political economy continues being still delayed even if current Japan passes through national crisis of 3.11, and people long leader.
Founder late Nobuo Ishibashi of DAIWA HOUSE INDUSTRY always learned the leadership for history, too and built foundation of 1 trillion yen company. "What is the leadership?" "should do what so that we each one shows the leadership of stature in now of leader absence" or does person in Japanese history in contents opening up Japanese tomorrow by white-hot discussion of disputant of various fields for example this time.

<panelist coordinator>
Kazutoshi Hando (writer, commentator)

<panelist (random order)>
Shoichi Watanabe (Anglicist)
Black iron Hiroshi (comic artist)
Sumiko Fuji (actress)