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To young plum dianthus - old Takamatsu royal house and articles handed down (Imperial Household Agency Museum of the Imperial Collections sponsorship)


From Tuesday, March 26, 2013 to July 15 Monday (holiday)
・The first: From Tuesday, March 26 to May 6 Monday (holiday)
・The second: From Saturday, May 11 to Sunday, June 9
・The third: From Saturday, June 15 to July 15 Monday (holiday)

Business hours
・Until Sunday, April 14
From 9:00 to 16:15 (as for the admission until 16:00)
・From Tuesday, April 16 to the session end
From 9:00 to 16:45 (as for the admission until 16:30)

Closed days Every week month, Friday, display spare no period
But we are opened on Monday (holiday) on April 29 and are closed on Tuesday, April 30.
In addition, we are opened on Monday (holiday), July 15 Monday (holiday) on Friday (holiday), May 6 on May 3.
Place Imperial Household Agency Museum of the Imperial Collections
Access "Otemachi Station" c13a exit, approximately 5 minutes on foot
Rate Free of charge
Sponsorship Imperial Household Agency Museum of the Imperial Collections
Reference TEL: 03-5208-1063 (telephone service)

Event contents

We divide art industrial art object of Her Imperial Highness His Imperial Highness Prince Nobuhito Takamatsunomiya His Imperial Highness and Kikuko connection or brush drawing into three sittings and introduce.

Takamatsu royal house is royal house founded in 1913 by (1913). His Imperial Highness Prince Nobuhito Takamatsunomiya His Imperial Highness was born as third kodanko of kotakokajinshino (the Emperor Taisho) on (1905) January 3 in 1905. And we had Royal title awarded by an emperor to his son of Prince Takamatsu than the Emperor Taisho to let you succeed to religious service of Arisugawa royal house which became break by yuseikawakyuijinshino*kyo (koukyo) on July 6, 1913 and became with the present head of a household of royal house at only 8 years old. His Imperial Highness gone ahead through to Gakushuin, Naval Academy married 德kawakikyukoyo on (1930) February 4 in 1930, and, in the same year, U.K., Spain were paid a state visit to as Emperor's name charges of the Emperor Showa, and Western countries traveled for periods more than for one year, and they were acted as for international goodwill. We were dispatched to each place as naval officer, and busy days were spent while we reached our country unprecedented difficult time after returning home.

In *jinshinodenshita, it was taken office as international goodwill, the public welfare, arts and crafts, the president of group of various sections including sports after the war, and he/she attended commemorative ceremony and meeting with Her Imperial Highness and did, and the person concerned was encouraged, and state that each field developed in each was watched warmly. In *jinshinodenshita, it was done *kyo at 82 years old on February 3, 1987, but was contributed to expansion of promotion and social welfare of art culture until Her Imperial Highness became with the royal house present head of a household afterwards and was done *kyo at 92 years old on December 18, 2004.

At this exhibition, we add to deep articles of connection under both lords from articles which this hotel caught testation and, through many A products succeeded by the Emperor Taisho, memento and former Arisugawa royal house of *meikokisaki, introduce deep connection with both His Imperial Highness and art.

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