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Lively concert Takahiro Matsumoto LIVE - family tie vol.3 ... (Eiwa, Tokyo meeting sponsorship)

Date The curtain rises on Tuesday, April 23, 2013: 19:00
(the opening: at 18:30 the curtain: at 20:30)
Place Lively plaza Ichibancho (12, Ichibancho)
B1F cascade hall
Access Yurakucho Line "Kojimachi Station" Exit 5.6, a 5-minute walk
Hanzomon Line "Hanzomon Station" Exit 5, a 5-minute walk
JR, Yurakucho Line, Namboku Line, Shinjuku Line "Ichigaya Station" 13-minute walk

198 people


500 yen
■We sell advance ticket only in general information of hall.
■It should be sale as limit with four pieces per person.

Sponsorship Social welfare corporation Eiwa, Tokyo meeting
Reference It is plaza Ichibancho general information lively
TEL: 03-3265-6311

Event contents


○Takahiro Matsumoto (waiting cause Takahiro)
We are from Amagasaki-shi, Hyogo. Even if wake to guitar from junior high school, and become member of society after the graduation from university;, even in the places such as facility and volunteer at all times local with guitar, charity event, is practice by laughter and live of tears by recital with a musical instrument and talk. "To work" The results that we develop public areas, high schools, universities of the whole country, seminar lecture in company on theme such as "family tie" energetically and are more than 1,000 places in held number more than 200 a year in five years. With easy talk tone and lecture seminar style while we have guitar, "crying and laughing impression live & talk seminar" is characteristic. Recognition is soaring in order to overturn title called older brother "of" celebrity. Style of song of Matsumoto "lecture live form". It is ya impression live that we bring song which even theme utilized member of society experience performs while there is in musicians by "method of thanks into business more" from thanks to family tie and parent, being former company manager again "to work".

○Hironori Yoneda (yonedahironori) keyboard
Namie Amuro, Kishidan, road of are major and they participate in musical piece production of famous artists such as hitomi, the loose dogs, Yusaku Kiyama and participate in musical pieces of celebrity including arrangement. Even unit called oneself jeep RAS is active. We play an active part in regular radio program.
○Toru Hasegawa (there is with Hasegawa) guitar
We play an active part in live tour support of Chisato Moritaka. We have delicate guitar technique from electric guitar to banyan tree.



It is plaza Ichibancho MAP lively