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Words - (Mitsuo Aida Museum sponsorship) of block calendar - life


From Tuesday, March 5, 2013 to Sunday, June 2
From 10:00 to 17:30 (as for the admission until 17:00)

Closed days

Monday ※We are opened on April 29, holiday on May 6.

Place Mitsuo Aida Museum
(the first floor of Marunouchi 3-5-1 Tokyo International Forum basement)
Access "Yurakucho Station" International Forum exit, a 3-minute walk,
"Hibiya Station," it is "Ginza Station" 5-minute walk
Admission charges Public, university student 800 yen / middle and high school student 500 yen / primary schoolchild 200 yen (as for the preschool child, free)
In the one 70 years or older, as for the person of one with 500 yen obstacle and attendance, free (notebook notice required)
※As for Children's Day, admission of Konaka High School student is free on May 5. 

Mitsuo Aida Museum
Telephone: 03-6212-3200 (main), 03-6212-3202 (24 hours telephone guide)

Sponsorship Mitsuo Aida Museum

Event contents


Memory of the 30th anniversary of the 53rd plan exhibition "calendar ningendamono of heart" publication

Block calendar
―Words of life―

Secret of longtime seller 

It was very careful that Mitsuo Aida made own work book.
There was request of publication from youth,
Publication of this first "ningendamono" (the culture publication station) is 60-year-old time.
One year before precede it; "calendar ningendamono of one of heart" (this hotel issuance)
We were made. The first form to ask own world widely in the life was block calendar.
It is to be related to konotoha, essence of work deeply.
In life everyday not standing, and seeing,
Mitsuo Aida had thought to want you to receive casually.
The thought let you choose form called block calendar.
Since the first edition was given in 1983 (Showa 58); 30 years.
Why will it be used habitually by many people?
As longtime seller which hid by book exhibition,
We introduce secret of block calendar which continues being got close to.

Complimentary ticket present


Complimentary ticket present

Block calendar
―Words of life―


We present toward (one piece of two people can enter) with four sets of complimentary tickets of Mitsuo Aida Museum plan exhibition.
We write impression of art museum name, zip code, address, full name, contact information phone number, Chiyoda City Tourism Association HP, and application, please send email to Chiyoda City Tourism Association (
It is said that the application deadline is until Monday, March 4.
In the case of a lot of applicants, you assume lottery, and please note that you obtain lottery result with shipment of complimentary ticket.

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