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Great East Japan Earthquake reconstruction aid it "being valid to make" Tokyo exhibition (wawa project sponsorship)

Date From Saturday, March 9, 2013 to 31st Sunday
From 12:00 to 19:00 (last entrance 18:30)

Arts Chiyoda 3331 (6-11-14, Sotokanda)
Main gallery A,C,D

Access Ginza Line "Suehirocho Station" Exit 4, a 1-minute walk
Chiyoda Line "Yushima Station" Exit 6, a 3-minute walk
Oedo Line "Ueno-Okachimachi Station" Exit A1, a 6-minute walk
The JR "Okachimachi Station" south exit, a 7-minute walk
JR "Akihabara Station" Denkigai Exit, an 8-minute walk
Regular holiday On Tuesday
Admission Free of charge
Sponsorship wawa project (artwork group command N non-for-profit general corporate judicial person)

Venue: Arts Chiyoda 3331
TEL: 03-6803-2441


Event contents


It being valid to make east Kyoto exhibition

By book exhibition, they introduce continuous approach by people and artist concentrating power on revival activity in Tohoku now, and not only they convey "now of revival", but also valuable documents such as revival activity chronological tables after manners and customs pictorial and the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake to tell display the actual situation of Meiji Sanriku massive tsunami. In addition, we possess for earthquake disaster how and think about "disaster prevention, genwazawai" to work on in everyday life and area whether we should act.

Staying in refuge experience and workshop in gymnasium, talk session, meal and event of music, shop of northeastern support for a limited time carry out during session, and every people stare at earthquake disaster across area in generation and make place to share.

<display, event>

[display] "Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake + creative timeline mapping project" (Hisako Hara +SPREAD)
We drop art, design, support activity in the field of building caused by the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake during 18 years for "timeline" and visualize as chronological table of 20m in total length.  

[display] Picture display that revival leader talks about of stricken area
Picture that revival leaders who are active around Tohoku recite thought to date soon after 3.11. We continue coverage, interview to revival leader by wawa project after earthquake disaster and we add to interview picture which we showed last year and introduce this time how their activity develops change from earthquake disaster for two years.

[display] The actual situation (cooperation: ria arc Museum of Art) of Meiji Sanriku massive tsunami
We display 20 points of manners and customs pictorials conveying the actual situation of massive tsunami that attacked the Sanriku district in (1896) in 1896.

[workshop] Disaster prevention survival camping (plan cooperation: NPO corporation child wakamono town ing)
We carry out accommodation experience workshop of 2 days and 1 night to be the case of emergency to be made with bed, and to perform survival cooking, darkness experience at place of gymnasium and the roof. 
[workshop] Ishinomaki school (plan cooperation: ISHINOMAKI 2.0)
We challenge various problems and the solution that Ishinomaki has and open a course in "Ishinomaki school" learning the Japanese way in the future from approach of people active locally.
[event] "Child Theater version of the town" special screening society
Miku Moriyama, performance of Eriko Sato that experienced the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake show impression product shaking heart in particular. Two people who did different earthquake disaster experience are accidental and, on the stage of town of Kobe that accomplished revival, meet and are about to just accuse hope to the future when you must never forget through figure which is going to face at earthquake disaster some other time.

[revival product sale] wawaya
3.11 Display, sale of product which utilized the back, a variety of products made for the purpose of reconstruction aid or earthquake disaster debris. We introduce story that they have and show meaning and possibility of manufacturing and design in earthquake disaster revival.

<with wawa project>
This project is social advertising production platform binding individual, group and supporter, support group working on Great East Japan Earthquake revival together. Commencing with community support of temporary construction residential area, we send local information that utilized cooperation with Acty bistrike of disaster area, maintenance of headquarters, newspaper, WEB and we bind unit and unit together and support generation of new sasutinaburukomyuniti.


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