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Lively concert in toe men Tal unit "Tsugaru" vol.5 (Eiwa, Tokyo meeting sponsorship)

Date The curtain rises on Friday, March 15, 2013: 19:00
(the opening: at 18:30 the curtain: at 20:30)
Place Lively plaza Ichibancho (12, Ichibancho)
B1F cascade hall
Access Yurakucho Line "Kojimachi Station" Exit 5.6, a 5-minute walk
Hanzomon Line "Hanzomon Station" Exit 5, a 5-minute walk
JR, Yurakucho Line, Namboku Line, Shinjuku Line "Ichigaya Station" 13-minute walk

198 people


500 yen (going to begin to sell from February 9, 2013)
■We sell advance ticket only in general information of hall.
■It should be sale as limit with four pieces per person.

Sponsorship Social welfare corporation Eiwa, Tokyo meeting
Reference It is plaza Ichibancho general information 03-3265-6311 lively

Event contents


Sound of soul that Japanese-Western style sound plays

Concert of instrumental music unit "Tsugaru" to send with Tsugaru samisen of passion and percussion and piano is decision.
Bass guitar and sum drum are going to increase as supporting member this time. We increase in last year and can enjoy festival of solid sound.

※Ticket plans sale from Saturday, February 9.

Akito Narumi (is tired of seeing person, Tsugaru samisen, bamboo flute)
Hiroko Suzuki (suzukihiroko, piano)
Tadashi Sato (we straighten sugar percussion)
<supporting member> Masahito Narumi (Tsugaru samisen, base) others





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