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Kyoto walk in Tokyo 2014 ... Kyoto weeks to be in love (Kyoto-shi, other sponsorship)

Date From Tuesday, February 4, 2013 to 19th Wednesday
Opening event: Tuesday, February 4 from 12:00 to 20:00

Various places throughout Tokyo
Opening event: Circle building 1F circle cube (Marunouchi 2-4-1)

Access JR "Tokyo Station" 1-minute walk, Marunouchi Line "Tokyo Station" underpass direct connection, Chiyoda Line "Nijubashimae Station" direct connection
Entrance fee Free of charge
Sponsorship Kyoto-shi, Kyoto Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Kyoto-shi Tourism Association, Kyoto construction promotion forum
Reference The "Kyoto walk in Tokyo 2014" secretariat
TEL: 03-3561-9278

Event contents

To okoshiyasu, "Kyoto" of Tokyo….

Opening event starts from dance announcement of maiko. It is played an active part in movie and TV and invites Arata Iura and jazz singer Gion truth koto of actor who has a profound knowledge of Kyoto which has career as geisha, and, by opening talk, please talk with the Mayor of Daisaku Kadokawa Kyoto about thought to Kyoto, the future of Kyoto. Furthermore, world Intangible Cultural Heritage, Gion festival of this year, Gion musical accompaniment by musical accompaniments of big boat pike returning to Yamahoko cruise after an interval of 150 years, plan of the tenth anniversary of Kyoto official approval, plan that is unbearable for Kyoto fan including sale of Kyoto special product article "Kyoto brand forum in Tokyo" are various days!

<state of last year>
"Kyoto walk in Tokyo" opening
Host: Kobayashi comes in autumn (sightseeing in Kyoto-shi hospitality ambassador)

From 12:00 to 13:00
■Dance announcement of maiko
■Sponsor greetings
■Opening talk

・Arata Iura (actor)
・Gion truth koto (jazz singer)
・Daisaku Kadokawa (the Mayor of Kyoto)

■Gion musical accompaniment announcement of Gion festival big boat pike
From 13:10 to 13:40

Cooperation: Shijocho big boat pike preservation society
Flute, drum that tone peculiar to "Conti chitin" is impressive, Gion musical accompaniment with gong. Big boat pike returns to Yamahoko cruise after an interval of 150 years, and, as for the Gion festival of this year, 2-day cruise of previous festival and rear festival is going to revive after an interval of 49 years. Please play to all of big boat pike musical accompaniment.

■Attractive introduction others of Kyoto that junior high school guidebook attached to Kyoto City Nishikyo high school does not have
From 15:30 to 16:00

All of junior high schools attached to Kyoto City Nishikyo high school announces charm of Kyoto that does not appear in guidebook and sends refreshing singing voice by chorus.

■PR of Kyoto of goodwill ambassador "miyabihan" of Kyoto
From 17:30 to 18:00

Cooperation: Kyoto traditional industry contact building, WATABE WEDDING Corporation
"Official supporter "miyabihan" of "we are elegant" publicizes charm of (traditional industrial art object of Kyoto) of Kyoto specialty store of Kyoto online shop specialized in traditional industry product of Kyoto-shi.

■Gion truth koto jazz live
From 18:30 to 19:00

■Announcement exhibition of the Kyoto-shi traditional industry "eminent scholar of the future" skill
From 12:00 to 20:00

Display of work by "future eminent scholar" whom Kyoto-shi authorized from traditional industry nucleus engineer.

■Satelite shop "Kyoto hall" of Kyoto-shi opens a store in temporariness only for 1st
From 12:00 to 20:00

Satelite shop "Kyoto hall" of Kyoto-shi at Tokyo Station Yaesu Exit sells excellent article for sale of Kyoto including well-established Kyoto cake.

■Kyoto Life Style Shop "miyabi"
From 12:00 to 20:00

We sell mainly on specialty store female oriented pretty sum accessory of Kyoto that "we are elegant" usually uses, and there is.

■Of the tenth anniversary of Kyoto official approval; "you challenge, too! Kyoto official approval quiz"
From 12:00 to 20:00

We carry out "Kyoto official approval quiz" or guidebook of Kyoto which original pass chapter gets.

■Panel display
From 12:00 to 20:00

"Kyoto construction" "Kyoto Townhouse town development fund" "Kyoto-shi hometown tax donation"
Panel introduces approaches of "town Kyoto to walk".

※We may change program without notice.

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