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... Oedo, Kanda Festival exhibition ... (Kanda Myojin sponsorship) to want to know bloom Kanda Festival of Edo


From Saturday, December 22, 2012 to Sunday, July 28, 2013
Opening day: Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays festival day ※It is opened every day until from 1 to 14 on January
From 10:00 to 16:00

Place Kanda Myojin (2-16-2, Sotokanda)
The second floor of the museum, exhibition room on the third floor
Access It is a 5-minute walk JR "Ochanomizu Station" St. Hashiguchi, Chiyoda Line "Shin-Ochanomizu Station"
Admission fee 300 yen for adults, student, 200 yen for children
※It is 100 yen discount with ten groups, this hotel issuance discount coupon
※It is free with member of veneration society, this hotel issuance complimentary ticket
※Person who did Noboru worship (prayer, purification) is free
Sponsorship Kanda Myojin
Reference Kanda Myojin
TEL: 03-3254-0753

Event contents


Kanda Festival to be held after an interval of four years.
As play Bent ukiyoe print of Kanda Festival,
One action releases documents such as picture scrolls.
Clean sweep does art and the history of Kanda Festival.

Theme and display

[we want to know bloom Kanda Festival of Edo]
Last part of 10 million "Kanda Myojin festival car Kumasaka" generous politics
And "it is Kanda festival line Empire Day parent festival" Utagawa national interests 1884 (1884)
[woman and child were the leading role of Kanda Festival]
"Elegant Kanda festival" Eizan Kikukawa culture, the Tenpo era period (1804-1843)
"shindendaimeishingosaireifusaishindennabechosamban*joiwashoku*" Kunisada Utagawa first generation 1837 (1837)
[when did Kanda Festival begin?]
"Collection of gleanings" Yuzan Daidoji 1727 (1727)
"Description of Hojo 5s" Joshin, Miura 1659 (1659)
[we go Kanda Festival, Edo-jo Castle]
"Late fall Kanda great gracious god in Genji 12 months no" Toyokuni Utagawa 3s 1857 (1857)
"sendaiden*daiokushindensaireijo*" Yang bank distribution 1895 (1895)
"shindemmeishingosaireikorezu" Yoshitsuna Utagawa 1854 (1854)
[there were 8 meters festival car of Kanda]
"shindengosaireikorezu" Sadahide Utagawa 1852 (1852)
"Figure of Sakagami ru in Kanda festival Iidacho" Yoshifuji Utagawa Koka era 4 - 1852 (1847-52)
"Is full of getting out Kanda Festival"; Yoshikazu Utagawa 1859 (1859)

[Kanda Festival in Imperial capital]
"higashikyoshindenshinshasaireikorezu" Yoshifuji Utagawa 1876 (1876)
And "it is Kanda festival list" Utagawa national interests from 1870 to 22 (1869-89)
"higashikyoshindensaireikorezu" Yoshifuji Utagawa 1884 (1884)
[Kanda Festival that became toy]
"Kanda Festival mountain post version Old", is the Yoshifuji Utagawa others late Tokugawa period period
"Old, register Shinto shrine festival Kotobuki"; Yoshifuji Utagawa 1884 (1884)
"Is full of device color woodblock print festival cars"; Kunimasa Utagawa Meiji period


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