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Kanda Baru (executive committee sponsorship)


Saturday, November 17, 2012 17:00 ... 5:00, the following day


Kanda Station east exit first mall, Kanda contact mall


JR, Ginza Line "Kanda Station"

 Receptionist on that day

century21 rakandabiru 1 (2-9-4, Kajicho)

 Participation condition

20 years old or older


Booking: 3,900 yen (five pieces of spelling)
On the day: 4,200 yen (five pieces of spelling)


Kanda Baru executive committee


Kanda Baru executive committee


Event contents


It is town of that Kanda this evening
We eat and go barhopping, and let's swell!

Kanda Baru eats the way and, by large-scale gourmet Baru event that pub crawl became same, tries out restaurants of town of dozens of stores, and there is pub crawl.
Participant of Kanda Baru event purchases ticket and we eat our way and go barhopping in participation shop and do. Five pieces of tickets are spelled, and drink and snacks come out when we construct one piece of ticket across shop.
We go to town Baru participation store after event and can use town Baru in vent participation ticket that we were not able to use.

[passage of day] 
1. We get day-limited advantageous ticket in exchange place!
2. We look at guide map or WEB site well, and, from participation shop, let's find shop which we want to perform!
3. We say, "Kanda Baru participates!" in shop and enter!
4. We hand ticket and thoroughly enjoy order, Special Menu of each shop!
5. Well, where shall we go for next? If is selected; is GO in the next shop

During from Sunday, November 18 to Sunday, December 16, ticket is usable as cash voucher.
Ticket is not wasted until during one month.


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