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TRANS ARTS TOKYO 2015 (executive committee sponsorship)


Date From Friday, October 9, 2015 to November 3 Tuesday (holiday)
Place 50 ways, 18 ways of areas (Kandanishikicho, Kandaogawamachi, Kandamitoshirocho, Kandatsukasamachi
Kandatacho, Kandasudacho, Kajicho)
Former Tokyo Denki University ruins (2-2, Kandanishikicho)
NPC Kandaogawamachi parking (3-9-2, Kandaogawamachi)
waterasu (2-101, Kandaawajicho)
Arts Chiyoda 3331 (6-11-14, Sotokanda)
Cafe & sake N3331 mer wisdom cute Kanda forever bridge (1-25-4, Kandasudacho)
Sponsorship TRANS ARTS TOKYO 2015 executive committee
Reference Artwork group command N (the secretariat) non-for-profit general corporate judicial person
TEL: 03-3518-9101

Event contents


Art project "TRANS ARTS TOKYO" which is cross genre that utilized various space of city that starts in 2012, and becomes the fourth in 2,015 years. We push forward various projects to spread through town more, and to come from community as before this year while being based in former Tokyo Denki University ruins. In autumn when town of Jinden, Tokyo does well by various events, various things mix, and please sense "TRANS ARTS TOKYO" drawing creativity and charm of new Tokyo bodily by all means.

①51 eight creative project
New project from town corner of Kanda starts!

50 ways, 18 ways of areas
From Friday, October 9 to November 3 Tuesday (holiday) ※(B)Only in the art fair, it is Saturday for Friday, October 9, ten days
Continuous project by cooperation with "50 (father) streets" "18 (ippachi) street" outskirts area and various creators is start!

(A)CREATOR's Building
Creators raising creativity of town gather!

Including group of Tokyo art size, this school, beautiful schools, many creators utilize existing building as place of new expression.

(B)Art fair
Alternative fair where "the past, the present, the future" of person mixes with town!

It is revival with "50 ways" that have ever performed fair on day to arrive of "five and ten" in fair. We carry out various events at place where there was movie theater called "south light seat".

(C)cocoten 2015 by coconogacco
Fashion exhibition shaking established concept

We perform fashion exhibition with "this school" which fashion designer Yoshikazu Yamagata founded.

(D)Aki Ikeda portrait project
Rich expression of people begins to say, "I am here"

We photograph people living around 50 ways. People who became model including the shop and edge of the eaves of shop develop display at "living place".

②Oedo beer Festival 2015
Craft beer Festival holding largest in Tokyo!

Former Tokyo Denki University ruins
(1) From Thursday, October 15 to Sunday, October 18
(2) From Saturday, October 31 to November 3 Tuesday (holiday)
We hold craft beer event largest in Tokyo in former Tokyo Denki University ruins that are approximately 8,000 square meters for two weeks.

③TOKYO BURN by Burning Japan
Three days-limited aerial town to make with participant

Old electric equipment university ruins
From Friday, October 23 to Sunday, October 25
Anyone brings in necessary thing to live on what "we give" for relationship, work display or performance as one depicter and makes aerial town and puts back neatly.

④Kanda sports Festival 2015
Annual sports festival that Kanda sports shop-cho holds

Former Tokyo Denki University ruins, Yasukuni Dori
Saturday, October 31, Sunday, November 1
In "former Tokyo Denki University ruins," it is event full loading to be able to enjoy in families including Kanda professional wrestling, sports experience, little child open space, in-line skate, tendon pull experience!

⑤Urban camping Tokyo 2015
Four days to camp in right in the middle of Tokyo, Kanda!

Former Tokyo Denki University ruins
From Saturday, October 31 to November 3 Tuesday (holiday)
Campground in city developing in right in the middle of Tokyo, approximately 8,000 square meters of building ruins for four days. We pitch tent, and, between family, friends, accommodation is possible.

⑥Yasuhiro Suzuki "garden of air"
"Person of air" appears frequently in town?

From Friday, October 9 to November 3 Tuesday (holiday)
Event Friday, October 9, Sunday, October 25, Friday, October 30
Work which artist Yasuhiro Suzuki modelled the human body after in transparent material lets "person of air" appear frequently in waterasu.
Do you appear frequently in town of Kanda?

⑦Masato Nakamura private exhibition "bright despair"
Private exhibition for the first time in artist Masato Nakamura ten years

Arts Chiyoda 3331 1F main gallery
From Saturday, October 10 to November 23 Monday (holiday)
One action released photograph group which we photographed in Korea and Japan for 1989-94 years after time more than 20 years.
Furthermore, we announce the latest installation of 2 series.

⑧N3331 creative knight
Premium salon to spend with that creator.

Cafe & sake N3331 mer wisdom cute Kanda forever bridge
Thursday, October 8, Thursday, October 22
We hold dinner salon to talk about thickly while meeting creator in base "N3331" of community art through "meal", and tasting meal.

⑨3331αArt Hack Day
Day to hack art

Arts Chiyoda 3331 1F main gallery
hakkason: Saturday, August 22, Saturday, September 5, Sunday, September 6
Exhibition: From Monday, September 7 to Sunday, September 13 from 12:00 to 19:00 (closure day: on Tuesday)
hakkason which was specialized in art. 50 elected artists and engineers gather in a hall from participation application and make new work that technique fused with art with three days.

Former Tokyo Denki University ruins MAP