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Ochanomizu art picnic Nicolai temple, Yushima temple of Confucius tour

※Because this tour reached capacity, we close application. Much application, thank you.


Saturday, October 12, 2013 from 15:00 to 17:30

Meeting place

JR Ochanomizu Station Hijiribashi tax in proportion to the number of people meeting


[meeting] → [we see the site by commentary by the Yushima temple of Confucius staff] → [movement] → [story by father in Nicolai temple] → [dissolution]

Entrance fee

One 600 yen (admission fee 300 yen, tuition 300 yen)


20 (first-come-first-served basis)

Application method

Apply by email (after filling out the following item).
①Name of Representative (furigana)
②Zip code
④Representative contact information phone number
⑤Representative age
⑥Companion full name (furigana)
⑦Companion age
■Email /yushima.nicholai.oap2013@gmail .com (Ochanomizu art picnic secretariat tour charge)

Instructions Reception desk only for one 18 years or older
(it becomes tour for adult this time)
Sponsorship Ochanomizu Meikei Street society
Plan administration Wait for Ochanomizu skimmer university student group; saw
Commentary Nihon University department of science and engineering architecture subject student, Nicolai temple father
Reference yushima.nicholai.oap2013@gmail .com (Ochanomizu art picnic secretariat tour charge)
※Only as for the email

Event contents


We go round 2 sanctuaries of Ochanomizu.

Ochanomizu art picnic is island fishing interlocking movement plan for 2,013 years
"Yushima temple of Confucius, Nicolai temple tour"

"Nicolai temple tour" that had favorable reception in last year.
"Yushima temple of Confucius increased in course, too" and powered up more this year.
The temple of Confucius staff, father shows around Yushima temple of Confucius and Nicolai temple each.

We look forward to your participation.

※Tour content is different and cannot show around Nicolai temple bell tower for stairs deterioration last year. Thank you for your understanding.

[as for the event details of Ochanomizu art picnic this]