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Chiyoda art festival 2012 "3331 EXPO" (arts Chiyoda 3331 sponsorship)


Date From Sunday, September 16, 2012 to October 8 Monday (holiday)
From 12:00 to 19:00 ※It is absent on Tuesday until 17:00 only on the last day
Place 3331 Arts Chiyoda (6-11-14, Sotokanda)
Main gallery, community space. The roof, others

From Ginza Line Suehirocho Station Exit 4 a 1-minute walk
From Chiyoda Line Yushima Station Exit 6 a 3-minute walk
From Toei Oedo Line Ueno-Okachimachi Station Exit A1 a 6-minute walk
From the JR Okachimachi Station south exit a 7-minute walk
From JR Akihabara Station Denkigai Exit an 8-minute walk

Rate No charge for admission
Contact Sponsorship: 3331 Arts Chiyoda
Telephone: 03-6803-2441

Event contents


We can come across ARTS more than 400 points. 3331 art international expositions!
20 days to eat to buy to dance to talk about to make to watch art!

Art festival of citizen participation type carrying out with "Chiyoda art festival" on the stage of 3331 Arts Chiyoda from 2010. In the first year, anyone carries out exhibition "3331 independent exhibition" that we can participate in by no examination. In addition to display section "3331 independent exhibition", stage section "odorinoba" which aimed at place that realized genre free body expression performed three branches of market section "Whole Arts Market" where works of artists lined up in order to tell 3331 charm to many people more from the second year. Past participation writer surpassed the total number 700 sets and produced artist and person concerned with art, communication that involved citizen again. We hold three branches of last year titled "3331 EXPOs" in 2012 to reach the third year, and, including gallery in 3331 halls, the whole 3331 is festival period.

Display section
With free idea
Exhibition full of energy

3331 independent exhibitions

"Independent exhibition" is exhibition of no examination, freedom exhibition. Not only we merely display by "3331 independent exhibitions", but also perform public comment society that talks of incandescence by guest and exhibitor are developed during short time. It is substantial five hours when place of encounter, talks of exhibitor and person of appreciation is born.

Schedule: It is the closure - 19 on 00/ Tuesday at 12:00 on Monday (holiday) for from September 16 to October 8
Venue: 1F main gallery others no charge for admission

Market section
We enjoy art!
Two days to enjoy "" to make

Whole Arts Market

Market only for two days appears on the roof. Thing, clothes, meal, plant, artists of wide field including book make shop and sell directly. Concept of this year "product ruo day to enjoy". Workshop booth comes up and is two days when jam-packed color of encounter and inspiration is dark.

Schedule: Saturday, September 22, 23rd Sunday every day from 11:00 to 18:00
Venue: Roof (at the time of rainy weather gymnasium) no charge for admission

Stage section
From dance to entertainment,
Physical expression that genre is free


Stage section toward place that realized free physical expression not to get snagged on genre. 30 sets of costarring full of originality is developed at each time limit of /10 share /15 share for five minutes, and there is comment from guest every all programs.

Schedule: Saturday, September 29, 30th Sunday every day from 13:00 to 16:00
Venue: 1F community space viewing for free




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