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Film festival (office bread Talay sponsorship) in memory of memorial Manager Kaneto Shindo

On the date

From Monday, August 6, 2012 to Wednesday, August 8

Holding place The first floor of the Hibiya book culture building basement Hibiya convention hall
Access From subway Kasumigaseki Station from exit a 2-minute walk
From subway Hibiya Station a 2-minute walk 
From JR Yurakucho an 8-minute walk
Entrance costs Each time advance reservations 1,000 yen, application 1,500 yen on that day
Sponsorship Office bread Talay
The support Chiyoda Ward Hibiya book culture building

Event contents


Event contents
On May 29, this year, we remember grand achievement of Manager Kaneto Shindo from Hiroshima that died at 100 years old in the age at death and hold film festival. We show 5 works including posthumous work and "one piece of postcard" that it was on main theme in "Hiroshima" that supervision passes more than 60 and continued describing with antiwar thought through work. August 6 is day when atom bomb was dropped on Hiroshima and is day equal to the 60th anniversary from "child of atom bomb" who produced for the first time in independence production modern movie association which first anniversary, Manager Shindo founded from "one piece of postcard" exhibition exhibition. We hold photo exhibition as interlocking movement plan.

"Kaneto Shindo profile"
April 22, 912, Hiroshima birth. Kyoto is new cinema and begins to work in 1934. We begin to write scenario later and study under Manager Kenji Mizoguchi. We transfer to script part of Shochiku big boat studio for 44 years. We were summoned in April of the year and faced the end of the war in Takarazuka navy flying corps. After having played an active part as scriptwriter after the end of the war, we establish Kozaburo Yoshimura, Taiji Tonoyama and independent production "association of modern movie" for 50 years. We make our debut as supervisor in "beloved wife story" in 51. In 60, "naked island" shines with the Grand Prix of the Moscow International Film Festival. We announce "hag" (64), experimental work including "instinct" (66), "record of life Kenji Mizoguchi of movie director whom there is" judged to be interesting of documentary film (75) in sequence. "Will of the afternoon" monopolizes prize for large number of movies including Japanese academy best Best Picture Award in 95. We win the 23rd Tokyo International Film Festival Special Recognition Award by "one piece of postcard" for 11 years that were 98 years old at shooting. It was chosen as persons of cultural merits in 97, and the Order of Culture was conferred in 2002. Association of modern movie's chairpersons served, too. We died at 100 years old in May 29, 2011, the age at death.

Monday, August 6 10:30 ... "one piece of postcard" (114 minutes)
        17:00 ... "child of atom bomb" (100 minutes)
        19:00 ... "island of nude" (90 minutes)
Tuesday, August 7 10:30 ... "one piece of postcard" (114 minutes)
         14:30 ... "throughout the life record of Kenji Mizoguchi of a certain movie director" (150 minutes)
         19:00 ... "will of the afternoon" (112 minutes)
Wednesday, August 8 14:00 ... "one piece of postcard" (114 minutes)
        17:00 ... "child of atom bomb" (100 minutes)
        19:00 - Tadao Sato lecture, "naked island" (90 minutes)

[application method]
By the first floor of the Hibiya book culture building reception desk counter, telephone (03-3502-3340) or E-mail (, please inform of the viewing hope date and time and work name, the name (phonetic symbol), phone number, address. We send guidance postcard later.