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Live broadcast broadcasts God good luck festival live!

The only festival to make a tour of inspection in Imperial Palace, former Edo-jo Castle in Japan.
It was allowed for the Edo era to begin in Edo-jo Castle from the time of General Sandai Iemitsu Tokugawa, and Sanno festival was world festival that general made an imperial inspection. In Imperial Palace and now when it was, we pray for peace and security of the Imperial Family in Sakashita-mon Gate.

Alliance Miyairi carrying Hie-jinja Shrine steeper slope of the two, 52 steps of stone stairways on the shoulder is heroic.
Containing alliance shrine in dusk approaching Hie-jinja Shrine three festival cars and nine miniature shrines of town assembly of parishioner who left Shimizudani Park; do. Heroic figure which carries 52 steps of stone stairways on the shoulder, and rises must see it!

Elegant grand line in the downtown area
We develop splendid dynasty picture scroll.

While it is done cortege by approximately 500 people who wore dynasty attire, six festival cars make a tour of inspection in "one wide parishioner area Tokyo" power of God two portable shrines ornamented with the miniature of a golden phoenix at the top and shrine miniature shrine one shining conspicuously. Please enjoy splendid, old-fashioned line of 300 meters. 

Because Tokyo is the middle not to swallow up, we can come across the best scene surely.
God good luck festival to make a tour of inspection in parishioner area where Tokyo one is large. The Imperial tour route goes round areas of Imperial Palace, Marunouchi, Kasumigaseki, Ginza, Nihonbashi that is the center of Japan. Various spots and contrast of old-fashioned line are full of the highlight!