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News (house sponsorship of Kanda) of house Okinawa folk song live concert of Yuzurihara collar or X Kanda - early summer


Saturday, May 26, 2011
The first from 10:30 to 12:00
The second from 14:00 to 15:30


House (Chiyoda-ku designation tangible cultural property) of Kanda

The offer number of people Each 15 times
Entrance fee 2,500 yen ※We include sneak preview charges and the maintenance cost of "house of Kanda"
Application FAX: 03-6765-3222

Application: After filling out time you like and the number of people, the name, address, (carrying) phone number or text message address, apply to FAX mentioned above or E-mail.
Access It is a 5-minute walk from JR Ochanomizu Station, Tokyo Metro Ochanomizu Station, Shin-Ochanomizu Station

Event contents


While listening to Okinawa folk song in "house of Kanda", sit-down


Yuzurihara collar or Erika Yuzurihara
It was born in October 3, 1988
We study under Nagashima Miyuki with piano from childhood.
After Musashino Academia Musicae instrumental music subject piano specialty, we are at school in Masters degree course in Institute of Musashino Academia Musicae music graduate course musicology specialty second annual. We study under Akira Motohashi bush warbler by performance of Chikuzen biwa song while we study Chikuzen biwa musical instrument comfort that is the first kind of Japanese music in graduate school. When we stayed in Okinawa in summer of 2011, we come across Okinawa folk song, and we are attracted by area of breast which music of Okinawa has, straight emotional display. We study under Masaya Shimabukuro, Takenori Ishimine in Okinawa folk song.


Copy: Okinawa folk song which tastes words
... "house of Kanda" commentary ...
Part 2: Okinawa folk song to enjoy together

※We start the opening, acceptance 30 minutes ago with each time.
※For building protection, I take baggage at reception desk. In addition, please bring socks by all means.
※I decline entrance that is lower than primary schoolchild.
※We accept payment in the field.

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