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13th Misakicho salon "wonderful Edo gesture No.6"

On the date Sunday, March 18 from 14:00 to 15:30 (opening 13:30 ...)
Holding place Hotel Tokyo 2F function room "san" of garden
Admission With 3,500 yen drink (include tax, service charge)
Theme "Six of Edo gesture it which is wonderful for breath"
Application It is telephone or faxes to hotel Tokyo reservation center of garden,
Or apply by email.
Inquiry Hotel Tokyo reservation center of garden
TEL  : 03-3293-0028 (from 10:00 to 18:00)
FAX   : 03-3295-3328
Email  :
Sponsorship Hotel Tokyo of garden
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Main event contents

"Six of Edo gesture it which is wonderful for breath"

Series of "Edo gesture that is wonderful for breath" by Ayako Koshikawa who is familiar in Misakicho salon. Misakicho salon.

Because this time to reach the sixth is just the first year from reviewing and the Great East Japan Earthquake of "Edo gesture", please tell about crisis control of townsfolk in the Edo era when there were many disasters such as major earthquake and volcanic eruption, big fire.

"Edo gesture" is action philosophy of person standing on the top that leaders of Edo merchant built. It was wisdom to do human relations smoothly on merchant way how should be valid as good merchant. Edo that was megacity which was unique in the world was place where various human beings gathered from each places of the whole country, and people who differed in culture and custom lived together smoothly in those days. What supported reliable society with the peace can say that, in a word, neighbourliness called "Edo gesture", commensal rule are senses of Edoite.

[lecturer profile]  Ayako Koshikawa (we go, and be replaced and go)

Part domestic science graduation specialized in 1944, Aoyama Gakuin girl.
It is rational and is scientific and study writes symbiosis as coherent theme including "Edo gesture" that is smart merchant way which is aesthetic, and is kind to person and continues being active. We try for the spread of "Edo gesture" and perform lecture activity flourishingly and establish NPO corporation Edo gesture in 2007 and take in particular office as director. Continue up to the present day. It is a lot of books including longtime seller and "prosperity gesture of Edo" that it was (Nikkei) for recent work if "it is made with person Edo gesture" (MOKU publication), "school organized by contributions where Edo gesture is interesting if made with person".

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