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Kamakura lighting event in Yurakucho

On the date

From Friday, January 13, 2012 to 15th Sunday
It is 30 - 17:00 /16 on Friday for 13 days
It is 00 00-18 /11 on Sunday for .15 days on Saturday for 14 days

Holding place Yurakucho station square, Tokyo traffic hall 1F event space
The nearest station Immediately from JR Yurakucho Station

Akita industry Labor Relations Division Tourism Division
Telephone: 018-860-2265

Sponsorship Akita


Event contents


◆Paths of winter Akita campaign that heart warms
  Kamakura lighting event in Yurakucho

・We install two Kamakura, a lot of mini-Kamakura and carry out lighting event.
・We show traditional arts on behalf of Akita including Namahage drum.
・Panel which we introduced winter carnival to represent poster and Akita in sightseeing PR booth to,
 We install tourist brochure of various places throughout the prefecture.
・Product sales booth (as of exhibition group 14 group (January 6))
・Booth (Yokote yakisoba, Kiritanpo hot pot) of meal

※We hold traditional arts announcement, product sales booth, booth of meal only on 15th for 14 days.

◇Schedule of 13th Friday
16:30 - opening ceremony (Kamakura in meeting place is turned on)

◇It is schedule of Sunday for 15 days on Saturday for 14 days
It is 00 - Don bread dances - /15 at 11:30
It is 50 - Namahage drums - /15 at 12:30
It is 20 - Nishimonai Bon festival dance - /17 at 13:40
It is 50 - tobu** mini lives - /16 at 14:20

※Sale of special product 11 00~17 00 (plan):
※On account of progress, the weather, we may change without notice.


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