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Christmas for Peace 2013 (Tokyo YWCA sponsorship)


For Saturday, November 30, 2013 from 16:30 to 20:30 (festival of green leaves),
Saturday, December 14 from 10:00 to 18:00 (Peace maker's day)

Place Tokyo YWCA Hall (1-8-11, Kandasurugadai)
Access JR "Ochanomizu Station" 4-minute walk
Chiyoda Line "Shin-Ochanomizu Station" Exit B1, a 4-minute walk
Hanzomon Line, Toei Shinjuku Line, Toei Mita Line "Jimbocho Station" Exit A5, an 8-minute walk
Toei Shinjuku Line "Ogawamachi Station" Exit B5, an 8-minute walk
Marunouchi Line "Ochanomizu Station" 5-minute walk
Free of charge
Sponsorship Tokyo YWCA

Tokyo YWCA peace and human rights Division
TEL: 03-3293-5421 (main)


Event contents


When we send thought to Christmas peacefully and pray and demand

◆Festival of green leaves
It is free to do Saturday, November 30, lobby entrance, no charge for admission, comings and goings
Event of ad Bent beginning preparations for Christmas

16:30 ... The decoration of tree together
19:00 Christmas message Kiyoko Iwaki
Tree lighting type
19:30 ♪A time of music♪
Favored Gospe Choir
Ensemble andante
20:30 It is going to be finished

※There is service of hot wine

◆Peace Maker's Day
Saturday, December 14, participation for free

○DVD screening society 10:00 ...
"Turn of fluttering and the earth of bee" DVD screening ticket 1,000 yen (with tea)
Under sale prior in Tokyo YWCA Hall!

○Christmas message from 13:00 to 13:45
Reverend Minako Kitagawa whom "light was born as in darkness" (Japanese Christ religious community Komazawa church)
○Performance from 14:00 to 18:00
・Special guest first "all-Japan aunty party"
"Present from aunty party which all-Japan aunty party in Christmas - we got"
・Special guest second "mandarin duck Mako Ken"
"Mandarin duck" repeating coverage of stricken area after the nuclear plant accident entertainer

○Others... Cafe space that can talk slowly is established.
○Performance and hand bell performance that featured the theme of peace♪♪
○Booth exhibition such as activity introduction, workshop of citizen's group and NGO.
○There are NGO of fair trade product sale, a lot of groups.

<state of past event>
Peace Maker's Day
Japan-Korea use conference did briefing session 
Peace Maker's Day
Booth exhibited on caph manhole




Tokyo YWCA Hall