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The day Hibiya was enthusiastic - Babyboomer's youth graffiti

On the date From Friday, November 4, 2011 to Wednesday, December 28 from 10:00 to 22:00
(until 30 minutes before room entrance closing at Sundays and holidays until 17:00 at 19:00 on Saturday)
Holding place Chiyoda in Hibiya Park Ward Hibiya book culture building special exhibition room on the first floor
(1-4, Hibiyakouen, Chiyoda-ku)
Regular holiday Every month third Monday
Temporary exhibition view charges General 300 yen (inhabitant of a ward 150 yen), high school, university student 200 yen (inhabitant of a ward 100 yen)
※It is lower than junior high student, and, as for person having disability certificate and the attendance, one person is free

It is a 5-minute walk from Tokyo Metro Kasumigaseki Station
It is a 3-minute walk from Toei Subway Uchi-Saiwaicho Station
It is a 12-minute walk from JR Shimbashi Station

Reference Chiyoda Ward Hibiya book culture building
Telephone: 03-3502-3340 (main)

Event contents

"Boy who did not know war" had a dream attracted by hero.
Society turned big with his growth, and problems piled up.
That to do bravely, and he confronts social contradiction there,
We participated in demonstration in Hibiya. Hibiya burnt hot on that day.

Hibiya that was the stage of youth of lump of earth generation from late 1960s to the 1970s. In movie theater in sequence masterpiece
It was released, and concert of outdoor concert stage did well and became stage of student movement. shi concerning times setting
With ryo, we perform wide display indicating social conditions.

Hibi Yano sound, Shinjuku fork guerrilla
From the late 1960s through the 70s, it is founder of so-called Protestantism song in outdoor concert stage of Hibiya
Including a certain Nobuyasu Okabayashi, many musicians hold concert. On the other hand, is Shinjuku west exit open space; ban
Though it was started, youths of 3,000 gathered mainly on be flat ream and sang "the riot police blues". waka
It was the time when person asserted himself/herself in music in society.

The "Yasuda fort" fall of a castle
Symbol of campus dispute, the offense and defense of student and the riot police around the Univ. of Tokyo, Yasuda lecture hall lasted 35 hours. Hundreds of fires
All the students who threw, and bottle was dropped, but drainage and gas bullet were poured from tear gas liquid, ground from the sky, and held out a siege
We were arrested. Taking this occasion, student struggle leaped to the whole country. (January 18, 1969)

International exposition in Japan
We declare "progress and harmony of the human", and Osaka World Exposition held for 183 days from March 15, 1970 is after the war
It was at perfect opportunity to show figure of our country which became major economic power from the ruin of a fire in only more than 20 years inside and out. However
; was opposite, and had many social problems including pollution. Still include the issue of nuclear power generation today; and "progress of the human
to harmony becomes big problem.

We learned the life by movie
With important tool that "movie" thinks about "how should we grow?" not simple entertainment in the youth of lump of earth generation and learns
We met. ta which question writing on a theme, masterpiece are released in sequence regardless of inside and outside the country, and is famous as well as film critic in movie magazine
We contributed kuno literary person, philosopher.

Thought, literature, poetry magazine was favorite book
If it was student, there were thought, book and magazine of literature, poetry which must let short account eyes go through. sono
With tendency to reading, we understood the personality. Above all, work of Takaaki Yoshimoto good at all thought, literature, the poetry
Book had a big influence on All-Campus Joint Struggle Committee generation.

The cohabitation era
For the comic with a realistic narrative "cohabitation era of Kazuo Kamimura," we express love circumstances of lump of earth generation at the time plainly and show as movie. Cohabitation
We were supported as form of free love. Famous tune of "the Kanda River" was born in association of such times, too.

Midnight broadcasting
In the middle of severe examination competition, we receive midnight broadcasting that we heard while studying in those days in youth generation so that specialized magazine is published
It was put ke. Information and message spoken to each youth there are their komyunikeshontsu
It was inflected very much as ru.

1964 when Japan was recognized in the world
1964 was year when Japan was recognized in the world. It is 25 years from design. "It is new trunk superexpress of dream more than 200km per an hour
Line Hikari starts. From fantastic Tokyo meeting that the first Tokyo Olympics were war in Asia, and disappeared in the same year
We gathered 75,000 spectators in National Stadium after 24 years and were held.

○Handbill of temporary exhibition is ⇒ this